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At Rubicon, we believe the future is circular. Circular thinking reimagines the relationship between the economy and the natural world – and aims to turn waste into something valuable.

The Essentials of a Circular Economy

In its purest form, a circular economy generates no waste. Achieving it will mean delivering on three major strategies:


“Design out” waste from products and materials.

There are numerous reasons only 9% of all plastics ever created have been recycled. One of them is that it’s simply hard to do. We need to design both packaging and products to use less plastic and more recycled – and recyclable – materials.


Use products and materials longer.

A linear economy assumes and encourages the frequent disposal of products and packaging no longer in use. By extending the lifespan of a material or good, we also extend the life of its embodied carbon – the energy and emissions associated with its creation.


Compost and build other regenerative systems.

According to the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization, approximately 1.6 billion tons of food is wasted annually, and nearly all of it finds its way into landfills. By composting this organic matter, we can return its carbon content to the soil or transform it into bioplastics and bio-based fuels.

At Rubicon, we are committed to...