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Technical Advisory Services

Circular economy and zero waste expertise to meet your sustainability goals

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What are Rubicon’s Technical Advisory Services (TAS)?

There is no single path to sustainability, but some are more efficient than others—especially when it comes to tricky materials, logistical challenges, and ambitious zero waste goals. When you have no time to waste tackling the tough questions, our Technical Advisory Services team is here to help. From materials management strategies to staff education and roll-out, we are ready to dig into the data and turn your waste challenges into opportunities.

How can Technical Advisory Services help your business?

Whether you are starting your sustainability journey or refining existing programs to be more efficient and effective, our team of subject matter experts will partner with you on research, strategy, and execution. We pride ourselves on bringing together deep industry expertise, creative solutions, and a vast network of partners working together to develop valuable circular economy solutions.

A foundation for sustainable success

Circular economy solutions

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Establish waste reduction and recycling objectives using insights from audits, operational reviews, and sustainability goals; create robust programs for reaching Zero Waste consistent with leading certification bodies.

Understand waste stream composition to identify areas for cost reduction and diversion, as well as opportunities for valuable materials in the commodities market.

Identify, conduct due-diligence, and procure innovative material handling, collection, disposition, and reporting technologies

Reusable foodservice ware programs, general packaging guidance, indoor collection planning, and more.

Facility walk-through to provide an in-depth evaluation of  on-site waste and recycling programs: discuss/establish next steps; gauge execution and overall performance 

Develop innovative solutions for non-standard materials and research leading up to implementation of service 

Operationalize your sustainable materials management (SMM) programs and improve success rates with onsite and virtual staff training 


Benefits of employing TAS

Our TAS team works collaboratively with partners and their internal teams—from sustainability to operations to logistics—to develop and vet all plans, ensuring successful implementations for all stakeholders.

Those that understand the complexities of the waste industry and the nuances of material streams know there is rarely an “out of the box” approach to circular solutions. We pride ourselves on blending creativity and practicality in our deliverables.

We don’t work in hypotheticals. We start our work in the field, whether that is your store, your office, or your restaurant kitchen. The first-hand experience of our team ensures all plans fit the precise needs of your business and sustainability goals. 

Rubicon is uniquely positioned with technology solutions, vendor partners, and customers along the waste supply chain and across the country. Our strong network empowers our TAS partners to uncover scalable circular economy solutions that might not otherwise be available.

Our TAS team works closely with Rubicon’s technology, commodities, hauler vendor, and commercial teams. Whether you work with us already or if TAS is our first engagement, we are able to draw upon cross-disciplinary knowledge and tried-and-true solutions to uncover efficiencies and cost-savings for your business.

Achieving your company’s waste diversion and sustainability goals requires data. You need to know the contents of your waste streams to properly develop programs and strategies to achieve your goals. We work with our customers to uncover actionable insights to inform all plans and programs.

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