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Compliant and cost-effective mail-back recycling solutions

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What is a mail-back program?

Fill. Ship. Recycle. Repeat! Our mail-back program helps companies properly manage their regulated or hard-to-recycle waste materials by providing easy-to-use containers, a simple mail-back process, and transparent landfill diversion reporting.

This is an easy and economical solution for both regulated and non-regulated waste. Regulated materials vary by state and may include “universal waste” such as batteries. The benefits of a mail-back solution also extend to non-regulated materials that may require special handling, such as cardboard, single-stream recycling (SSR), or personal protective equipment (PPE).

Is a mail-back program right for my business?

Our mail-back program offers a variety of benefits for both your business and the environment. You can reduce recycling costs, ensure regulatory compliance, and achieve your sustainability goals.  

Where local solutions or infrastructure may be lacking, or when resources and time for waste management is limited, a straightforward mail-back solution ensures that your materials can still be managed safely and responsibly.  

Program benefits

Our mail-back program is fast to implement, easy to manage, and functions perfectly as a stand-alone solution or a complement to your existing waste and recycling operations. Whether you are a large multi-location business facing the challenge of managing hard-to-recycle materials or a smaller enterprise that doesn’t have local recycling facilities at your disposal, this out-of-the-box offering is a painless way to better manage your waste.

By following best practices for regulated materials management, businesses can avoid the risk of fines and penalties while also promoting a culture of environmental responsibility. By providing accurate reporting and landfill diversion certifications, our program helps to ensure that your business remains in compliance with relevant city, state, and federal regulations. 

In many cases, fines and penalties for improper management of regulated materials can be much more expensive than the cost of participating in a mail-back program. By implementing these programs, you can avoid these costs while benefiting from better regulatory compliance. Additionally, mail-back solutions that enable you to divert waste from landfill can help reduce dumpster and hauling costs. 

When you participate in a mail-back program, you are contributing to a circular economy that aims to reuse and recycle rather than create new waste. This conserves energy, reduces harmful pollution, and keeps valuable resources out of landfills. Through the proper recycling of regulated and non-regulated materials, our mail-back program helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability goals. 

Transparency is essential for the success of any recycling program. This is why Rubicon works with g2 revolution, our trusted and industry-vetted partner of over five years. The combination of Rubicon’s recycling expertise and industry leading technology solutions with g2 revolutions processing experience and “zero waste to landfill” guarantee differentiates our mail-back solution.  

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