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The restaurant industry serves millions of families across the country every day. What starts with preparing great food should end with a responsible, sustainable approach to managing the waste generated.

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Serving up sustainability

Every day, restaurants all over the country discard hundreds of pounds of food scraps, packaging, and post-consumer waste. A lot of times that material feeds landfills—but if you have an agile recycling program, it can nourish the planet instead. By implementing a smart approach to waste and recycling, your restaurant can improve sanitation, support employee health and productivity, and ensure that the food you work with contributes to a green future.

  • 65% of restaurant operators have recycling programs in place
  • 60% of consumers prefer restaurants that recycle
  • 51% of diners will pay more to eat at an eco-friendly restaurant
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Rubicon delivers a full menu of sustainable solutions that support all of your waste and recycling needs. Opportunities exist at every stage of the hospitality spectrum—from the materials you sort through, to the scraps generated in your daily food prep. Every ingredient you work with can go from your tables back to the farm, and all of it can be put to good use.

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