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Investing in recycling is like finding savings in every aisle.

Fast Facts

Why waste waste?

Grocery operations of all sizes can benefit from thoughtful recycling programs. Cost-efficient, sustainable solutions for grocery store waste will help you handle everything from food scraps to packaging and manufacturing materials. Whether you’re a national chain or a mom-and-pop shop, our technology can help you reduce costs, optimize operations, and improve sustainability efforts.

  • Food is the biggest component of landfills and generates harmful greenhouse gases
  • Every year about 30% of food from American supermarkets is thrown away
  • Grocers are responsible for disposing of plastic wrap, shipping boxes, and a whole lot more
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Turn waste into a resource

Rubicon provides sustainable solutions that can meet all of your waste and recycling needs. Our team of experts will find new uses for your materials, identify opportunities for savings, and develop a sustainable system that benefits your business, the environment, and your local community.

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