Waste and recycling solutions for grocery, restaurant, and food distribution.

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Rubicon serves up cost savings.

At Rubicon, we have a simple system that will serve up cost savings to any restaurant—from quick-serve
to sit-down. Rubicon technology allows you to manage multiple locations, keep clean and sanitary
curbsides, and run a more sustainable business. With our team, you can even join the movement to reduce
the 25 million tons of food put in landfills.

Cost efficient every step of the way.

Our diverse, nationwide network of haulers can keep all your locations tidy. But an expansive network
doesn’t mean an expanded amount of paperwork. With one point-of-contact for all your waste needs,
Rubicon offers a clean waste management process from soup to nuts. We deliver top-notch customer service
so you can focus on yours.

Expanding your business? No problem.

Before you open the doors to a new location, Rubicon can handle your construction debris—even materials
that are difficult to recycle. You’ll have experts by your side to set up your new location for success
from the get-go.

Stop sending leftovers to landfills.

Food waste makes up 20% of all landfill waste, where it produces gas and contributes to climate change.
Rubicon can help you implement organics recycling—which covers natural waste products like food scraps,
used oil and restaurant grease—and divert waste from landfills.

Consolidated Services
All your waste and recycling needs handled by one team.

Consolidate Services
Consolidate management of waste and recycling services while also providing preventative maintenance and
emergency equipment repair programs.

Minimize Costs
Minimize costs, eliminate junk fees, and optimize service levels for maximum efficiency with our data
insights and analytic reviews.

Account Visibility
Provide 24/7 account visibility with a regularly updated dashboard that details diversion per site,
billing history, data trends and more.

Service Optimization
Organize SLA reviews, reporting, quarterly business reviews and planning sessions.

Best Practices
Supply materials that help educate and implement recycling best practices among associates.

Full Compliance
Ensure all customer locations are, and remain, in full compliance with local, state, and federal
regulations and recycling ordinances.

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Start driving more value from your waste and recycling program today.

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“Rubicon is a lifesaver. The service is phenomenal and the pricing is amazing.”

Jon B., Owner

Burgess Brothers BBQ

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