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When you hear the term e-waste, we’re not talking about the trash folder in your email inbox. Electronics and circuit boards are in just about everything these days, and they need to be disposed of through the proper channels. While it’s not as easy as the click of a mouse, we’re here to guide the electronic waste disposal process and make sure you’re protected.

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  • Computers

    Did you know that computers are capable of being recycled? Computers contain a variety of recyclable material, including glass, metal, and plastic. Because of this, they’re a valuable resource and should never be dumped into a landfill.

  • Office Equipment

    Old office equipment deserves better than the trash can. The next time you upgrade your office equipment, think about recycling instead. Many retailers such as Best Buy or Staples have labeled recycle bins in the store for you to quickly drop off your printers or fax machines. By recycling unwanted office items such as printers and fax machines, you can save resources and reduce the energy required for newly manufactured products.

  • TVs

    How do you dispose of a TV? TVs are a perfect example of waste to think twice about. As it turns out, most municipalities don’t allow TVs to be discarded into landfills so it’s important to be aware of the disposal opportunities and alternatives that exist. You’ll need to call your local waste disposal company to find a recycling site.

  • Phones

    You probably don’t think about valuable resources and saving energy when it comes to phones. As it turns out, phones are made from metals and plastics, making them a sought-after item when it comes to recycling.

  • General Electronics

    Obsolete and unused electronics weren’t meant to collect dust. As it turns out, there’s a second life opportunity for consumer electronics such as stereos, VCRs, and digital clocks.

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