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Nashville wasn’t named the “Country Music Capital of the World” for no reason. Head anywhere in the city and you can find fantastic food and music. With over 690,000 people living in Nashville, and an estimated 13.9 million tourists visiting every year, large amounts of waste are expected. Let Rubicon do the heavy lifting for your Nashville business with our selection of dumpsters available for rent in a variety of sizes.

What makes this town unique?

The music and food scene in Nashville doesn’t stop at country and BBQ. Food enthusiasts can enjoy incredible hot chicken, seafood, ramen, tacos, cannoli's, and more. Travel + Leisure magazine even named Nashville the 13th “snobbiest” city in America. Looking for some live music? For the traditional country music experience, visitors and natives alike head to Lower Broadway Street (also known as Nashville’s Honky Tonk Highway). Those in the mood for something different can also find great rock, pop, and blues music.

With so many people living and traveling to the city to enjoy its food and sounds, businesses must be ready for the trash that comes with it. That means your Nasvhille business needs a dumpster that can handle an overall higher volume of waste.

Dumpster Rental in Nashville

Dumpster rental near me

The key to choosing the correct dumpster for your business is to understand what purpose the container will be serving. We have a few options to choose from, each ideal for different environments and pick-up frequencies.

Front Load Dumpster

White dumpster with dimensions

Front load dumpsters receive their name because trucks pick up the container and unload from the front end. Since trucks can pick up from multiple locations, frequent pickups become more affordable. If your Nashville company needs a dumpster for long-term commercial use, front load dumpsters are a great rental option.

Businesses that need a front load dumpster include:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Apartment complexes
  • Grocery and Supermarkets
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Distribution centers

Roll-Off Dumpster/ Open Top Container

Open top dumpster

Roll-off dumpsters, or open top containers, are best utilized for industrial businesses or large temporary projects. They differ from front load containers because trucks can only haul one at a time.

Nashville businesses that would benefit from a roll-off dumpster include:

  • Construction and demolition (C&D) projects
  • Home renovation
  • Landscapers


White standard trash can

Totes, or wheel-carts, are ideal for dense urban areas since the container is made for tight spaces. They can easily be moved around, without the need for a truck or lift.

Businesses that need a tote dumpster include:

  • Coffee shops
  • Banks
  • Bookstores

Dumpster rental prices

Rubicon offers both on-demand and permanent services for open-tops, roll-offs, compactors and balers. Pricing will vary based on your location in Nashville, service length and whether you are currently in a contract with another service provider.

To help Rubicon give you the best quote, take a free waste analysis now.


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Nashville dumpster permits & ordinances

Dumpster regulations

In Nashville, the following dumpster ordinances must be followed:

Number and capacity of dumpsters must be adequate to serve the disposal needs of the business

Collection must occur at least one time per week

Each dumpster must be easily accessible, and of a size compatible with equipment of the department

For more information on Nashville’s dumpster laws and ordinances, head to the city’s Public Works information hub.

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