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America’s communities

Community partnerships and outreach

Overall, we strive to educate the next generation of thinkers and doers to be responsible and take ownership over their future. As one of our leading engagement programs in youth development, in October 2021, we launched our third annual Trick or Trash campaign, providing free, specialty recycling boxes for discarded candy wrappers to 1,980 schools and small businesses in all 50 states. Early reporting indicates that once all of this year’s boxes have been returned for processing, they will have diverted an estimated 10 million candy wrappers from landfills. The scope of this year’s campaign also expanded to include carbon neutral shipping, advanced reporting, and landfill diversion for candy wrappers and any other materials that should accidentally enter the recycling box. This program is important both for waste reduction and consumer awareness: By participating in the education of a new generation ready to confront the cost of waste and make more responsible choices, we are making an investment in a more sustainable future.




schools and small businesses


candy wrappers diverted from landfills

Recognizing that education is crucial to inspiring a lifelong passion for recycling, Rubicon collaborated with the National Wildlife Federation to create circular economy lesson plans and educational materials for all Trick or Trash participants.

Among the organizations Rubicon has aligned with to address environmental challenges is the Arbor Day Foundation. As the official sustainability partner of the 2020 and 2021 Annual Concordia Summit, and through our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, Rubicon opted for a green, “swag”-less sponsorship—planting one tree in the State of Georgia for every event attendee. To date, Rubicon has planted more than 12,000 trees in Georgia, Florida, and California as part of event sponsorships and customer appreciation campaigns, making a positive impact on ecosystems that are recovering from pollution, deforestation, and natural disasters. For future events, Rubicon is developing a carbon footprint calculator to show attendees’ carbon impact based on their mode of transport, as well as the number of trees needed to sequester that amount of carbon. In 2021, the partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation expanded to include both reforestation projects as well as urban tree planting, an important effort to address urban heat islands.

Rubicon has also partnered with the National Wildlife Federation across several programs, including Campus Race to Zero Waste, a competition in which colleges and universities vie for the highest rates of recycling and other campus sustainability efforts. As the official technology partner of the program, Rubicon provides campuses with RUBICONView™, a technology suite designed to support waste stream audits and landfill diversion efforts. In 2021, Rubicon and the National Wildlife Federation have grown their partnership to include EcoCareers, a green jobs education and mentorship program, and Eco-Schools, an education program empowering K-12 schools with nature-based learning.