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Section 03

America’s communities

Commitment to opportunity for all

Our ESG Committee plays a central role in developing goals and action plans aimed at achieving a culture of diversity and inclusion. Environmental threats disproportionately affect people of lower socio-economic status and disadvantaged groups, including rural and urban communities. This explains why we are committed to diversity and inclusion in our recruiting, hiring, pay, and promotion practices. In 2020, the ESG Committee reviewed our progress across these areas and is working on ways to ensure that diversity and inclusion efforts include ambitious targets, and top leaders are held accountable to these objectives.

These objectives include our ongoing efforts to recruit and retain more individuals from underrepresented groups so that we have a more diverse and inclusive workforce. We are also aiming to improve our leadership development efforts and leadership training so that all of our managers are effective leaders of diverse teams. And, as always, we are constantly reviewing our pay policies to ensure that they are fair and reflect our performance goals. In addition, we are seeking ways to empower our employees to connect with and help develop each other through affinity groups. To date, Rubicon has established the following affinity groups: African American, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI), Latin American and Caribbean, LGBTQ+, Women and Leadership, and Veterans. Rubicon also has a Parents Resource Group for employees.

Affinity Groups

  • African American Affinity Group
  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Affinity Group
  • Latin American and Caribbean Affinity Group
  • LGBTQ+ Affinity Group
  • Women in Leadership Affinity Group
  • Veterans Affinity Group
  • Parent Resource Group