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America’s communities

Commitment to America’s veterans

Six percent of the U.S. workforce are veterans.42 Every day, hundreds of veterans enter the workforce looking for mission-driven, challenging companies and organizations to continue their lives of service. At Rubicon, we think being mission-minded and service-oriented, putting larger values above ourselves, is core to our company culture. One of the cornerstone’s of Rubicon’s culture is our Veterans Affinity Group. Rubicon is proud to support our veteran employees with a place to meet, collaborate, and educate others. The Veterans Affinity Group also advises executives and human resource professionals on events, policies, and protocols to recruit, retain, and grow veterans in the workforce.

Externally, one of Rubicon’s most exciting partnerships is with USA CARES, an organization dedicated to providing “post-9/11 military veterans, service members, and their families with financial assistance and post service skills training to create a foundation for long-term stability.” In April and June of 2020, Rubicon supported USA CARES through various “stay active” campaigns that raised awareness and support for physical and mental health issues of veterans. Later in 2020, helped support specific housing and rehabilitation needs of five separate veteran families in USA CARES programs. Later in 2021, Rubicon stood proudly with USA CARES at their annual gala, providing support for a number of veteran causes.

Relatedly, Rubicon Founder and CEO, Nate Morris, is a an active member and national advocate for Business Executives for National Security (BENS). BENS is a nonprofit comprised of more than 400 senior business and industry executives who volunteer their time and expertise to address the national security community’s most pressing challenges. Specifically, BENS is focused on conducting research, hosting events, and utilizing their resources to grow and retain the U.S. military’s talent and people power. By working directly with the U.S. military on talent management issues through BENS, Rubicon is able to obtain a unique perspective on issues affecting our men and women in uniform, including when and how they enter the workforce and how best to integrate their public and private careers.

Rubicon aims to elevate and partner with our hauling partners that are veteran-owned and/or veteran-operated. The same mission-driven and service-oriented culture mentioned earlier is clearly seen in our hauling partnerships. Rubicon is proud of our veteran partnerships in the waste management and recycling industry.