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America’s communities


Bold action for a cleaner and better future

Prior to Rubicon, the waste industry had not changed for thousands of years. We are setting a new standard for the industry and we have an unrelenting commitment to ending waste by helping our customers prevent it, recycle it, and divert it from landfills. We are proud of our experience working with cities to deploy next-generation technology in their waste and recycling fleets, innovating alongside haulers to make their collection efforts more efficient. This work not only saves money—it gives our communities a cleaner and safer future.

We are innovating in ways we could not have foreseen during a pandemic that has upended our world, and we recognize that there is still a massive opportunity to give people a better choice on waste. We also acknowledge that we all can play a critical role in elevating the voices of vulnerable communities disproportionately affected by waste. 

We are excited to lead the challenge that will define the global agenda in the coming decades: ensuring that successive generations prosper in healthy and safe environments.

Report matrix

Description GRI SASB Response
Company Overview
Organization name102-1--About Rubicon
Activities, brands, products, and services102-2--About Rubicon
Location of headquarters102-3--About Rubicon
Location of operations102-4--About Rubicon
Reporting period102-50--January 1 - December 31, 2020
Reporting cycle102-52––Annual
Contact point for questions regarding the
Greenhouse gas emissions
Direct (Scope 1) GHG emissions305-1IF-WM-110a.1GHG emissions inventory
Energy indirect (Scope 2) GHG emissions305-2--GHG emissions inventory
Other indirect (Scope 3) GHG emissions305-3--GHG emissions inventory
Reduction of GHG emissions305-5--GHG emissions inventory
Managing Waste
Expanding composting306-2TC-WM-420a.3Ending food waste
Expanding plastics recycling306-2TC-WM-420a.3The challenge of plastics
Supply Chain
New suppliers that were screened using environmental criteria308-1--Our hauler network
Negative environmental impacts in the suppply chain and actions taken308-2--Our hauler network
Reduction of GHG emissions in Scope 3305-5--Our hauler network
Employee Benefits
Remuneration policies102-35--Culture, benefits, and professional growth
Benefits provided to full-time employees that are not provided to temporary or part-time employees401-2--Culture, benefits, and professional growth
Parental leave401-3--Culture, benefits, and professional growth
Workforce Development Program
Average hours of training per year per employee404-1--Culture, benefits, and professional growth
Programs for upgrading employee skills and transition assistance programs404-2--Culture, benefits, and professional growth
Local Community
Operations with local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programs413-1--Community partnerships and outreach
Governance Structure
Governance structure102-18-- The COVID-19 Pandemic
Consulting stakeholders on economic, environmental, and social topics102-21Materiality assessment: Our role to play
Stakeholder Engagement
Identifying and selecting stakeholders102-42--Materiality assessment: Our role to play
Approach to stakeholder engagement102-43--Materiality assessment: Our role to play
Key topics and concerns raised102-44--Materiality assessment: Our role to play
Data Security
Substantiated complaints concerning breaches of customer privacy and losses of customer data418-1