Long live heavy metal.

Almost every kind of metal can be recycled endlessly, which means an endless amount of opportunities for your business. From old shopping carts to copper pipes, Rubicon works with you to create a custom sustainability plan for your business that adds cash to your bottom line. With metals recycling, it’s easy to find new revenue in your waste.

Frequently asked questions about metal recycling

In a variety of industries—and most likely yours—valuables are being tossed right in the trash. Did you know that a single aluminum can wastes the energy equivalent of filling that same can with gas? Or that collecting all those cans could not only save energy, but bring money right back into your business?

Rubicon will help you find the value in your everyday trash, and implement a metals recycling program that adds right back to your bottom line.

Grab a magnet, because this is key to understanding which metals you have and their value. First, it’s important to know that there are two types of metals: ferrous or non-ferrous. All metals have a certain resell value, but non-ferrous metals are more profitable to recycle.

The general rule of thumb is:

• If the magnet doesn’t stick to your metal: it’s non-ferrous.
• If the magnet sticks to your metal: it’s ferrous.

Sorting your metals by non-ferrous or ferrous also helps you maximize the value of your scrap. Typically, metal recycling centers will give you more money if they don’t have to do the sorting themselves.

The most common metals accepted by scrap yards are:

Copper is one of the most valuable metals accepted. It’s reddish in color when it’s in good condition and dark brown when worn. It’s often used for electricity and heat, and can be found in computer cables, power/extension cords, and plumbing pipes.

Yellowish in color with a hint of red, brass is a heavy mid-value metal. It’s often found in hardware, like keys and light fixtures. You can also find it in plumbing fixtures. Its weight works in your favor—even a little brass adds up to a fair amount of cash.

Aluminum is a whitish, silver color and easily bent if it’s thin. It’s typically found in cans, like soda or canned vegetables. It’s a pretty common metal and can be found or used in gutters, siding, window frames and much more. Aluminum is typically accepted by standard curbside recycling programs.

Steel and stainless steel
You can tell the difference between steel and stainless steel by their magnetic properties. Steel is highly magnetic, and most commonly found in things like clothing hangers or appliances. Stainless steel, on the other hand, isn’t magnetic at all and often found in architecture or construction and energy/heavy industries.

Metal markets vary, with the resale prices fluctuating like the stock market. Rubicon helps monitor market values, and will make sure you’re always getting the most for your scrap metals.

Have a different type of metal you don’t see on this list? Don’t worry—Rubicon will find a place for everything in your bin.

with Rubicon

  • Identify waste stream opportunities

    Metals are often a missed opportunity. We’ll do a deep dive into your waste and show you just how much you could be saving from a landfill.

  • Sort out the savings

    Rubicon makes it easy to save money by finding the right containers and system for your business. We make sure you’re always getting the most value, making recycling even more rewarding.

  • Optimize your waste service

    Maximize the impact of your metal recycling by scheduling pickups on-demand, resulting in better costs and a reduction in transportation emissions.

More materials


Billions of trees are cut down each year, and despite their many benefits, millions of tons of wood end up in landfills.


Plastic is one of the easiest materials to process and reuse, yet research shows that 91 percent of plastic isn’t recycled.

heavy and dense waste

Concrete and Drywall

With heavy and dense waste like concrete, you’re looking at some hefty hauls. Rubicon can help you find savings by implementing a waste and recycling program tailored to your business.