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Smart technology for government fleets

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The technology

The smartest way for government to manage heavy-duty fleets

RUBICONSmartCity is a technology suite that helps local governments everywhere run more efficient, effective, and sustainable operations. A software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering originally designed for waste and recycling fleets, this full-service solution can be deployed across virtually any fleet to help reduce costs, improve service, and contribute to an enhanced quality of life for citizens.

  • Operational cost savings
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Improved fleet efficiency

The benefits

Maximize resources

Local governments today need to do more with less. RUBICONSmartCity helps transform government owned fleets into roaming infrastructure assessment tools.

The benefits

Achieve safety gains

Our technology helps improve neighborhood streetscapes by monitoring vehicle health, improving driver behavior, and ensuring that materials are collected efficiently. The results: fewer vehicle accidents, less road wear, and safer communities.

The benefits

Become proactive

The best-run communities are those that anticipate citizens’ needs before they call. The RUBICONSmartCity technology suite delivers insights about specific problems within a community, enabling governments to act rather than react and, in turn, lead to more sustainable, resilient, and equitable neighborhoods.

The benefits

Realize measurable ROI

A high-value, low-cost solution, the RUBICONSmartCity system serves as the eyes and ears of a community and can improve the operations of individual vehicles, fleets, and entire workforces—helping save tax dollars and reduce the administrative burden on local government employees.

What the technology delivers

Waste and recycling

Service verification and exception flagging

Comprehensive routing

Digitized routes, pre/post trip inspections, and weight tickets

Neighborhood insight identification, like pothole and graffiti locations

Detailed historical and real-time reporting

AVL, GPS, and turn-by-turn directions

See the tech specs (pdf)

What the technology delivers

Snow removal

Snow removal tracking

Street prioritization

Route completion data

Turn by turn navigation

Real-time issues reporting

AVL, GPS, and turn-by-turn directions

See the tech specs (pdf)

Case studies

Speaker on stage at Rubicon's Next Summit event
Our annual summit

RUBICONSmartCity Next Summit, New York, NY

At the inaugural Next Summit in May 2022, Rubicon brought together current and prospective partners to learn from our team and each other, share best practices, and explore how RUBICONSmartCity’s cutting-edge technology takes municipal operations to the next level.

Recap Next Summit 2022

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