With a company mission to end waste, it goes without saying that Rubicon is not only obsessed with food but equally obsessed with ensuring that it doesn’t end up in a landfill. Whether you have a composting bin at home or are a large-scale restaurant chain that donates to Second Helpings, Goodr or your local organization to provide meals to local communities, everyone can do their part.

October 16th marks World Food Day, a day to recognize the many roles we play in the food cycle from farmers to chefs to companies with an eco-friendly mission. Below are some of our stellar change agents, chefs, and leaders in the F&B community working hard to make the world a more sustainable place through delicious meals and education.

1. Chef Steven Satterfield

As the critically acclaimed author of Root to Leaf, Steven Satterfield is deeply rooted not only in his passion for food but also supporting local farmers with sustainable farming practices and his community. In  Atlanta, he serves on boards and as an active member in food alliances challenging the status quo. As the co-founder and Executive Chef of Miller Union, located in Atlanta, Satterfield drives the menu selection based on each seasonal harvest, continuously evolving and keeping customers guessing what is next.

You never know what he will add to the table, but what you can count on is it’s locally-sourced and delicious.

2. Chef Dan Barber

Named as one of Times Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2009, there is nothing James Beard Award Winner and Chef, Dan Barber, cannot accomplish. Whether it is serving on Former President Barack Obama’s Special Council on Physical Fitness, Sports or Nutrition, co-founding and managing two successful restaurants in New York or authoring his widely successful book, The Third Plate, he does it all.

It is safe to say Dan is influencing public opinion through his passion for education and food, reinforcing farm-to-table eating and providing food solutions for the future.

3. Chef Almeta Tulloss

A passion for nutritious food and education took Almeta to rural Georgia working as the local food coordinator for Athens Land Trust while in school. Athens Land Trust works to preserve land through conservation easements with a commitment to permanently protecting thousands of acres. In this role, Almeta lived her true purpose: farm food education.

This passion translated into co-founding Seed Life Skills, a nonprofit organization linking teachers and educators with culinary and passion-driven subject matter experts to aid in the professional development of youth and financial awareness through courses and hands-on opportunities.

4. Author Dana Gunders

Dana is on the frontlines fighting food waste every single day. With a huge interest in food and a disgust for it going to waste, Dana served as the Staff Scientist for the NRDC, National Resources Defense Council.

In her current role as the Principal at Next Course, LLC and a leading expert in Food Waste Reduction, Dana is working hard to reduce wasted food through advocacy, education, process efficiency and publications. Authoring, Waste Free Kitchen Handbook, A Guide to Eating Well and Saving Money by Wasting Less Food, Dana provides the consumer with quick tips and the knowledge needed to reduce waste in everyday life.

Editors Note: Rubicon is not affiliated with the companies/individuals referenced in the blog post, and any references to companies in the post are not meant to convey an endorsement of Rubicon by those companies in any way.