Trash can be a thankless job and it’s easy to forget about the men and women behind the scenes that actually make it all happen. These behind the scenes individuals are some pretty cool and phenomenal peeps, so for National Garbage Man Day, we asked them to tell their story and explain why they think they’re the best Garbage Man in America. We then asked that you vote for your favorite! Well, ladies and gentlemen, the votes are in.


Dodd’s Trash Hauling and Recycling has been voted number one!! In 1966, Lloyd and Peggy Dodd, along with their pickup truck started a private trash collection for residents in and near Newton, Iowa. With the help of their 2 sons, Dodd’s has now grown into a well-oiled fleet of 18 trucks with services ranging from commercial and private pickup to recycling! Because of Dodd’s decision to provide recycling services they have saved thousands upon thousands of cubic yards of landfill space from being filled, thousands of trees from being chopped down and large amounts of water, oil and electricity from being wasted.

Dodd’s told us what makes them the Best Garbage Company in America:

What’s your favorite part of the waste biz?

Dodd’s Trash Hauling: Providing a much-needed service – that can be a thankless job – but getting lots of thanks and praise from the wonderful people we service that truly do appreciate us. That is priceless.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you on the job?

Dodd’s Trash Hauling: Watching a shop owner that wanted to make sure the recycling was not missed… running down the street, chasing the truck, and not stopping to pull up his pants as they were falling down.

Why should you be named the best hauler?

Dodd’s Trash Hauling: I’m the ‘Small-Town Friend Collector.’ I take great care of the people we service and have gained their trust, as well as friendship!

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