Have you been busy shedding paper-weight? Do you know someone who’s lost pounds of plastic, aluminum, and glass?  Is your business slimming down sustainably? We’re on the hunt for the leaders who are shaping up their organization’s sustainability plans by slimming down on waste.

More and more companies and cities across the U.S. are focusing on reducing waste and achieving a more circular economy, and we want to recognize all the sweat equity that goes into building and sustaining a strong recycling and waste reduction program. Together with Sustainable Brands and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership (IGEL) and Goodr Co., Rubicon will crown the nation’s first Waste Fit Champions.

The Waste Fit Champions will embody:

  •  Performance: Overall sustainability fitness & proven improvements
  •  Endurance: Eyes on the long-game of zero waste or a closed-loop model
  •  Leadership: The ability to get buy-in from the whole team

The Inaugural 2018 Waste Fit Champions will be announced at the Sustainable Brands New Metrics Conference this October. The event will bring together business leaders who are translating social and environmental impact into corporate financial performance. After all, we’re all about gains at the intersection of society and business.

We’ve stacked up an excellent panel of judges to name our champions: Joanne Spigonardo, Associate Director of Wharton IGEL; Jasmine Crowe, Founder & CEO of Goodr Co. and David Rachelson, Vice President of  Sustainability at of Rubicon.

Nominations are now closed. Terms and Conditions to the contest apply.