This week is Waste and Recycling Workers Week, and here at Rubicon® we couldn’t be more excited to have another opportunity to celebrate the great men and women in the waste and recycling industry, and thank them for all they do to keep our communities safe and healthy.

Rubicon, a leading digital marketplace for waste and recycling, and provider of innovative software-based solutions to businesses and governments worldwide, works with more than 8,000 independent waste and recycling haulers. These men and women work every day to safely dispose of our waste and recycling, all the while confronting the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. For this, and for all their work in helping to clean up our environment and to make our communities cleaner and greener places to live and work, we want to say a special thank you during this year’s Waste and Recycling Workers Week.

In celebration of this special week, here are some of our favorite answers to questions from recent Haul of Fame interviews:

“We Committed to Recycling From Day One”

When asked how Momentum Recycling distinguishes itself from its competition, General Manager Jason Utgaard replied, “We separate ourselves from our competitors by being a full-service zero waste company offering comprehensive recycling solutions. We did not start as a trash company that then happened to add recycling services: we committed to recycling from day one. The two primary services we offer—glass recycling and food waste recycling—are both niche services in which we specialize.”

“Together, a Sustainable Future for the Upcoming Generations is Well Within Reach”

When asked about the view of Anytime Waste Systems regarding participation in the circular economy, the company’s President, Aaron Metten replied, “We have to move away from a linear economy and into a circular economy if we are going to build a more sustainable future. In order to make progress in this effort, companies from all industries need to come together with the same goal in mind. Together, a sustainable future for the upcoming generations is well within reach.”

“Focusing on New and Better Uses For Today’s Waste Streams is in Everyone’s Best Interest”

When asked about its mission lining up with Rubicon’s mission to end waste, President of Armada Waste, Rob Smith replied, “Like Rubicon, [Armada] Waste has always been focused on doing what is right for our customers and the environment. We believe that focusing on new and better uses for today’s waste streams is in everyone’s best interest.”

“We Are Going to Continue Working Each and Every Day Towards Chasing Perfection”

When asked where Boren Brothers expects to see itself in five years, Vice President Zach Boren replied, “We see ourselves continuing to evolve and grow as a company as we become a leader in the waste industry. Our team has lofty goals and we are going to continue working each and every day towards chasing perfection.”

“Our Customers are Curious and Enthusiastic”

When asked what they love most about their community, Community Relations Manager for Western Disposal, Kathy Carroll replied, “Our customers are curious and enthusiastic. This amazing community has what I would describe as a collective passion for doing the right thing when it comes to managing their waste. As a communications person, it’s a delight; customers are engaged with our message and I never run out of topics to cover!”

Please join us in celebrating the waste and recycling workers who work so diligently to keep our communities safe and clean. We at Rubicon are grateful for everything you do, and we are excited to continue working alongside you in our mission to end waste.

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Chris Watts is Sr. Director of Innovation and Hauler Relations at Rubicon. To stay ahead of Rubicon’s announcements of new partnerships and collaborations around the world, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or contact us today.