This week, hundreds of sustainability business leaders will gather in Washington for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Sustainability and Circular Economy Summit. The event is focused on how to bring life to the Circular Economy – an economic model focused on eliminating waste by keeping resources in use for as long as possible. We will be sharing ways to accelerate this model from aspiration to implementation.

Rubicon’s role in this implementation lies in our technology platform that facilitates job creation on main street and delivers the Circular Economy to rural and suburban America, not just the largest urban centers.  We’ve brought tech and data to the $1 trillion global waste and recycling industry to help our hauling partners grow their businesses and, ultimately, enable the diversion of more waste from landfills. Our technology connects businesses and cities with a network of independent haulers to deliver cost-efficiency, higher diversion rates, creative reuse of waste material, optimized truck routes and data collection.  These initiatives are creating and fueling jobs, not replacing them.

Independent haulers who use our tech platform are saving time and money through the implementation of optimized routes, improved procurement opportunities, and access to a customer base that is seeking sustainable solutions, which is allowing these haulers to expand their business and hire more employees. One of our partners, RAMCO Environmental, started in 2011 with one truck and a few guys in central Arkansas. Today, they have 30+ trucks with three regional offices, and they recently entered the Tupelo, Mississippi market thanks to our partnership. And the same goes for our customers that we connect with these independent haulers- less money on your waste and recycling bill means more money to allocate on new hires or reinvest in business growth.

There’s no limit to what technology can help us achieve, from economic drivers like new jobs to data-driven sustainability measures. I’m looking forward to even more collaboration and innovation at the Sustainability and Circular Economy Summit.