Spend Less on Your Heavy-Duty Fleets: What the Data Shows About Efficient and Effective Waste, Snow, and Street Sweeping Operations

Heavy-duty equipment such as garbage trucks, street sweepers, and snow removal vehicles represent large capital and operational costs for cities. Therefore, it is imperative that fleet management and operations run as efficiently and effectively as possible. Data from these vehicles is essential in highlighting the path to fiscal responsibility while achieving sustainability goals and maintaining the highest levels of customer service.

In this session, Tyler Molinaro, Senior Director of Smart City Partnerships at Rubicon, will delve into the unique needs of government fleet managers. He will provide insights into the solutions and strategies that will extend the life of city fleets, optimize routes, streamline operations, and empower drivers and staff in 2023—all of which are essential to helping public works teams work toward a more agile and resilient future.


PWX 2023 , San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California


Monday, August 28, 2023, 9:00-9:50 a.m.