The Rubicon team gets to travel to our partner cities, spend time with their fleet operators and supervisors, and see their operations behind the scenes every day.

But very few others get to do that. So earlier this year, we asked Glendale, Arizona; Houston, Texas; and Kansas City, Missouri if we could send a film crew to document their day-to-day operations and their journeys. The below documentary, which premiered at Next Summit 2023, was the result:

Glendale, Arizona

Through its work with Rubicon, Glendale digitized its fleet management, optimizing waste collection, and reducing time on the road for its waste and recycling vehicles. Rubicon’s software provided route optimization, issue reporting, and route assist capabilities, leading to significant mileage reductions and cost savings.

Glendale’s partnership with Rubicon extended beyond waste collection. The City used the software to help address similar issues in other departments, improving efficiency and resident satisfaction. As a result of Glendale’s pioneering efforts, neighboring cities now look to them as a leader in digital waste management. By spearheading Rubicon’s implementation in Arizona, Glendale’s proactive approach and innovative strategies have set a benchmark for enhancing resident service across the state.

Houston, Texas

Prior to deploying Rubicon’s technology, Houston faced mounting waste management challenges, including missed services and inefficient routes.

Houston’s teams in the field faced long distances and costly go-back trips, with some round trips reaching up to 75 miles. Rubicon’s route assist feature revolutionized the City’s approach by optimizing routes and preventing overlapping services. With a click of a button, supervisors can allocate specific parts of a route to different drivers, eliminating the redundant and wasteful scenario of multiple trucks on the same route. The result is streamlined operations, reduced fuel consumption, and improved time management.

Rubicon’s technology transformed Houston’s waste management processes, improving customer resolutions and overall system functioning. Houston exemplifies the positive impact of technological advancements on customer happiness and operational efficiency.

Kansas City, Missouri

Having worked with Kansas City since 2019 to power their waste collection operations, the City was curious to see if Rubicon could bring some of the efficiencies in routing, customer service, and service confirmation from the waste world to the snow world.

Rubicon’s snow removal technology includes in-cab tablets so drivers can view their entire route, including street priority and recent plow activity. Similar to Rubicon’s software for waste and recycling operations, the snow removal software uses high-density routing algorithms to create and optimize snow removal routes. This helps to ensure that streets are plowed in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The software provides drivers with digital turn-by-turn directions, which helps them to stay on schedule and avoid delays, as well as real-time tracking to allow city officials to monitor the status of operations and make adjustments as needed.

Kansas City can now deploy resources more effectively around the city, they can tell exactly how long it takes to get through routes, and the ease-of-use of the software makes it easy for the City to staff up and down using individuals who aren’t typical snowplow drivers.

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