Technology and the effective use of big data are being integrated into every aspect of our lives, and city governments are no exception. This is especially true when considering our society’s demands around waste management, government service delivery, and sustainability.

RUBICONSmartCity allows government officials to use the power of data and analytics to make better decisions that dramatically improve the waste and recycling services for their municipalities and their citizens. Beyond waste and recycling, Rubicon technology is transforming today’s garbage trucks into tomorrow’s roaming data centers. Outfitted with our technology, the garbage truck – which traverses every street of every city – can serve as a city’s eyes and ears, providing thousands of data points about everything from vacant homes to litter and graffiti, to broken street lights and potholes. The possibilities are endless.

When a city starts to proactively address the issues it learns about from real-time data collected in the field, quality of life improves, citizen confidence increases and communities grow stronger.

Here at Rubicon, our goal is to work with cities across the country to help them move towards zero waste and achieve their respective sustainability and quality of life goals. It’s core to our mission to end waste, in all its forms – from physical waste to wasted time, wasted energy and wasted tax dollars. This can be a truly daunting task – and that’s why cities call on Rubicon as their partner.  

Our RUBICONSmartCity technology – now available on the Amazon Web Services marketplace – has been rolled out in over 25 cities across the U.S., including Montgomery, AL; Santa Fe, NM; Columbus, GA; Tyler, TX; West Memphis, AR and our hometown of Atlanta, GA.  

Just as we work to help households, haulers, and cities work more effectively and efficiently, we are constantly working to improve what we do and how we do it – including welcoming outside perspectives from those who have been working inside cities to understand their challenges, their obstacles, and their opportunities. 

Rubicon is proud to announce that two former mayors with sterling credentials in smart city and sustainability efforts are joining the Rubicon family. Former Indianapolis Mayor, former New York City Deputy Mayor, and internationally recognized smart city expert, Stephen Goldsmith, has joined Rubicon’s Board of Directors, and former Philadelphia Mayor and sustainability policy champion, Michael Nutter, has joined Rubicon’s Advisory Board.

Mayor Goldsmith was an early thought leader in the growing smart city movement and has written often on issues related to data-driven government and making technology work better, faster and cheaper in the municipal world. Mayor Goldsmith’s blog ‘Better Faster Cheaper’ is one of the most widely read resources today around smart city trends and issues.  Mayor Nutter – fresh off his successful book ‘Mayor: The Best Job in Politics’ – led an administration in Philadelphia focused the environment and sustainable development.  He created the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability during his very first term and led the creation of the city’s comprehensive sustainability plan, Greenworks Philadelphia.

There are plenty of technology companies, waste and recycling companies, sustainability consultants and smart city planners out there today. Mayor Goldsmith and Mayor Nutter could have gone to any of those companies to lend their expertise – but they chose Rubicon.

True success comes from integrating diverse perspectives into one go-to-market strategy with the depth, industry experience, and knowledge to deliver solutions to customers of all sizes. That’s Rubicon.  

We are a technology company—and we are thrilled to be collaborating with Mayor Goldsmith and Mayor Nutter to further help cities across the U.S. and the globe becomes the smartest places on the planet.  

Do you want to talk about how your city can become a smart city?  Contact me at or @MikeAllegretti on Twitter.  

Michael Allegretti is the Chief Public Strategy Officer for Rubicon, leading the company’s rapidly-growing RUBICONSmartCity SaaS business while overseeing all public policy, corporate communications, and sustainability operations company-wide.