Sacramento is not only the geographic capital of California, but it is the agricultural and botanical capital as well.

Known as the birthplace of the “farm to fork” culinary movement, Sacramento is swimming in fine dining, cafes, and casual concepts. In addition to all of the restaurant options, the several shopping plazas and pavilions make Sacramento a mecca for merchants.

One of the older cities in the state, Sacramento successfully preserves history while embracing change and all of the innovation and revolution that comes with it.

Here are 4 small businesses that are definitely shining in a city that gets 285 days a year of straight sun.


1. Old Gold

inside retail store

Old Gold is a one-of-a-kind Sacramento staple that features local artisan works for the masses. The shop is filled with unique home-goods like ceramics, candles, leather goods, jewelry; just to name a few. The smell of the candles mixed with the fresh flora is intoxicating and pulls in a huge crowd.

In conjunction with the artisanal section of the store, Old Gold carries a purposefully and expertly curated vintage section with something for everyone. With new items rolling out every single day, Old Gold is truly a different experience every time you walk through the door. Celebrating old world craft in a new way, OG is one of our top stops in Sactown.


2. Leatherby’s Family Creamery

ice cream and desserts

A mom and pop ice cream shop open since 1982 might not scream innovation, but that is where you are wrong. Leatherby’s has created a kingdom of cream by serving up delicious sweet treats with a heaping helping of nostalgia. People line up out the door to get a taste of the past; complete with vinyl booths, soda fountains, and counter tops.

LFC’s menu is chalk full of specialty items and sundaes which are all named after the different members of the Leatherby clan! With 3 generations and 60 grandkids manning the helm, Leatherby’s is the definition of a family affair.

Our go to faves? The ice cream sandwiches are next level and the banana split is the perfect way to beat the Cali heat!


3. Device Brewing Co.

inside of Device Brewing Company in Sacramento

With California known for its wine, it’s kind of cool to highlight some of the awesome breweries in town as well. Device Brewing Co. is helping the microbrewing movement turn a corner by becoming so much more than just a place where beer is made.

DBC’s facility and taproom stand out from the crowd because they not only allow children in the brewery but four legged friends are welcome as well! In addition to becoming Sacramento’s favorite watering hole, Device also provides patrons with a bevy of food trucks to choose from that pair perfectly with what is on tap.

Couldn’t love this place any more than you already do? Device Brewing Co. donates beer for local charity events all around the city to emphasize how rewarding (and refreshing) giving back can be.


4. Sun and Soil Juice Co.

assortment of bottled juices from Sun & Soil in Sacramento

We couldn’t mention the “farm to fork” capital of the USA without mentioning one of the many brick & mortar businesses that benefit from the gorgeous greens, Sun and Soil!

Open since 2014, S&S Juice Co. has made quite a splash in Sacramento. Positioned in between some of the lushest and bountiful organic farms on the West-Coast, Sun and Soil Juice Co. has created the perfect recipe for success. Not only is the juice good for the body, but it is good for the planet as well! S&S uses a refillable glass bottle program in order to eliminate the need for Styrofoam and reduce their carbon footprint. Sun and Soil keeps customers coming back to refill those bottles all day with mouthwatering flavors like Orange Carrot Creamsicle, Pear Cider, and Spinach Limeade.


Editor Note: References made to businesses/companies in this post are not meant to convey endorsement by Rubicon of those companies in any way.