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Staffing Woes? 5 Apps for Small Businesses Looking to Hire

You’ve got a problem – a great problem, in fact. Your small business is so successful that you need more hands-on-deck to meet the demand for your fantastic services, widgets or what-have-yous. It’s time to hire more employees. Whether it’s your first hire as a small business owner or your one-hundredth hire, it never seems to get easier, does it? Finding the perfect fit for your business can be challenging, especially when every employee’s personality is a reflection of your brand. Well, there’s help out there and good news, a lot of it is free. Thanks to technology, your next Employee of the Month is just a few clicks away.

Free – A great, free source for entry-level or part-time hires. sources from a pool of current students and recent grads looking for work and experience. Employers can post an unlimited number of job openings for free, and partners you up with more than 400 colleges and universities. It turns out, 70 percent of businesses end up giving full-time job offers to interns, so you may just find a diamond in the rough.

Indeed – This site has more than 100 million unique visitors per month and is the most highly trafficked job searching site on the internet. Not surprisingly, Indeed is cited as the “#1 job site worldwide.” It’s free to post individual, unsponsored job openings and Indeed will share those openings on Twitter and Facebook for no additional cost. Or, if you want to bump it up a notch, you could opt for their pay-per-click (PPC) feature that shares your job opening on 25,000 partner sites and charges you per click. You can also tap into the Indeed resume database and only pay if you choose to contact one of the prospects.


SmartRecruiters – Very similar to sites like ZipRecruiter or Jobvite, SmartRecruiters will post your job opening on sites, mobile apps and social media networks for you, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Other cool features include access to their searchable database of more than 500 million job seeker profiles, widgets for linking to your job posting, customizable ads and applicant tracking and reporting.

Plum – If you plan to hire several employees each year and are adamant about finding a good fit, an annual subscription to Plum could be a good idea for your business. Plum is focused on finding the right employee for your unique company culture and making sure applicants are the right fit for the job. With Plum, applicants take a pre-employment screening quiz to identify intelligence and behavioral fit, before a resume even gets read. According to Plum, 78 percent of resumes provide misleading information, so their process helps save time and avoid bias.

TaskRabbit – These are not your traditional employees, and they don’t last long. But if you’re looking for some quick help on the fly, TaskRabbit might be the best fit for your needs. Known for “revolutionizing everyday work,” TaskRabbit’s same-day service platform instantly connects you with skilled Taskers to do your chores, errands, hauling, accounting, driving, you-name-it, so you can be more productive, every day. Sign up and pay per task, per hour by credit card. It’s that simple. You’d be surprised how many hours you can get back in a day!

Whether it’s big jobs or little, there’s help just around the corner. Remember, the only way to grow is to invest in the resources to get you there – which often means an extra pair of hands. Tap into technology and find the brilliant helpers you need to take your small business to the next level.

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