This city is so much more than just castles, carnivals, and college kids – and it’s really making a large aesthetic splash in the south.

Unfairly thought of by many as New Orleans’ ugly step sister, Baton Rouge has real beauty of its own. This city’s streets are brimming with tradition, deep-rooted history, and Creole spirit.  Having traveled to the capital city a handful of times, it was effortless to create an editorial that highlights the unique small businesses that become large pieces of the Louisiana lifestyle!

The culinary scene, in particular, is heating up (much like the super spicy Shrimp n’ Grits at Boil & Roux) and the innovation in the city is palpable. BR pays homage to the old city whilst ushering in a new generation of creators, thinkers, and rambunctious LSU Tiger fans. Baton Rouge is determined to give both visitors and residents a rich cultural experience, so let’s geaux check it out!

1. D’Agostino Pasta Company

dish of food

Few things in this world make me happier than a big ol’ bowl of pasta. It’s the simple things in life that make us the happiest, and the brains behind D’Agostino Pasta Co. are capitalizing on just that.

This hip store is stocked with small batch sauces, imported olive oils and vinegars, and noodles so nice that they made my head spin. Made from scratch daily, you literally cannot get fresher Italian fare unless you were in your Nonna’s kitchen.

With funky shapes like the famous fleur de lis, there is no better way to show Louisiana pride than with a tailgate titan, the “Black and Gold” pasta salad. Fresh pasta is tossed with yellow bell peppers, black olives, grilled chicken, and Romano cheese to make your Saints watching parties truly next level. D’Agostino is committed to using techniques of the old country to pass on to the future generations of pasta lovers in Death Valley!

2. Abita Brewing Co.

Abita root beer

Open since 1986, Abita Brewing Co. is one of the nation’s OG breweries. Before breweries popped up on every corner like Starbucks’, Abita was holdin’ down the hops.

This may come as a shock to some, but I am not a beer drinker. Although that would deter most non-drinkers from including a brewery in their blog, I had to highlight the incredible Abita’s nonalcoholic ace-in-the-hole…their root beer! Made with fresh artesian water from the Abita springs, this root beer is the most refreshing summer beverage under the hot Louisiana sun. Get it while it’s fresh and sold by the bottle, case, and even keg.

Another thing I love about ABC is their commitment to maintaining a green brewing facility. Abita preserves our environment through resource conservation, efficient energy practices, and social responsibility!

3. Batch 13 Biscuits and Bowls

plates of food

It is so fitting that I close out this post talking about my favorite thing, southern food. As a Georgia native, I truly believe that a good scratch-made biscuit has the potential to solve all of the worlds’ problems.

Batch 13 is located right in the heart of Baton Rouge and is a new “fast-casual” concept that churns out quick comfort food. Encompassing the traditions of the south, Batch 13 serves up everything from Biscuit sandwiches to large plates of the classics. In addition to the staples, the menu is peppered with new and flavorful finds like Ahi Tuna Poke Bowls and Quinoa creations!

What makes Batch 13 stand out in one of our nation’s most fruitful food scenes? Batch 13 donates 13% of their Grab & Go sales to local Baton Rouge charitable organizations. Perfect for college kids, health nuts, and do-gooders, Batch 13 fills a need in the community for great food for a great cause!

Editor Note: References made to businesses/companies in this post are not meant to convey endorsement by Rubicon of those companies in any way.