Whether it starts your day or boosts your afternoon, coffee is a pastime, a conversation starter, and part of our daily routine. Nowadays, there is so much variety that everyone can indulge in their favorite pumpkin spice latte, macchiato with steamed almond milk or the latest craze, nitro brew for that intense and rich flavor. As the weather starts to change, nothing is better than cuddling up to a crackling fire on a crisp Saturday afternoon while sipping on something good. 

While we sip, we are thinking about the company behind the coffee. Not only their delicious product but their purpose and how they are serving the world. Below are a few of our favorite roast houses, our fellow B Corp friends who are keeping the world caffeinated, sustainable and happy one coffee cup at a time.

1. Ethical Bean

With coffee as vibrant tasting as their colorful website, Ethical Bean’s story is deep-rooted in love. A trip to Guatemala to adopt their daughter turned into an education in coffee beans. Lloyd Bernhardt and Kim Schachte immersed themselves in the culture and firsthand knowledge about Guatemala’s working class and coffee. Pairing the two together, they birthed a new purpose and a new company. Paying a fair wage to their farmers is only one piece of their puzzle, utilizing material and water in a more thoughtful way.

2. Nossa Familia Coffee

At Nossa Familia Coffee, sustainability is at the core of everything they do. They care about the people, the land and the economy ensuring customers and the environment are one in the same. In 2016, Nossa Familia produced their inaugural sustainability report, sharing their progress and transparency in all aspects of their business.

Being B Corp certified only enhances their position in the marketplace, being the first coffee roaster to achieve this certification in Oregon. Impacting the world through business, Nossa Familia offers two Organic-Certified coffees and it doesn’t stop there. In 2015, they switched to 100% renewable electricity and encourage employees to commute car-free.

3. One Village Coffee

Their name says it all, One Village; one group of people brought together through a shared love of coffee. With a mission to connect growers, roasters and you through our quality coffee and commitment of stewardship, Dedicated to choosing the highest of quality blends, they measure and record every aspect from harvesting to brewing to ensure at the time of packaging, consumers get the only the best. As a dedicated B Corp, ethical compensation for growers is a key value for One Village. They also raise funds for bee colonies in Honduras. Rooted in Philadelphia, One Village’s global impact hits close to home as well, donating over 100,000 meals to a local homeless organization.

4. Caravela Coffee

What started in banking and importing of tropical fruit turned a few years later into importing coffee. Two Colombians had the desire to share the taste of their homeland with the world. After moving to Columbia to further explore and establish the company Virmax Colombia, they created a process that would shift the future of coffee forever.

Providing varying harvests in the marketplace that were traceable to the farms in Latin America allowed for maximum profit and growth. In 2010, Virmax Columbia partnered to create Varavela Coffee, which opened the door for importing into the United States. Receiving Best for the World by B Corp in 2018, Caravela’s process uses a cupping score to grade the quality of their coffee and they continue to work hard evolving a more efficient and innovative process globally for everyone.

5. Monochrome Coffee Co

As their website says, “We’re socially minded coffee snobs, out to empower people to change the world now.” With a focus on the next generation of youth, Monochrome Coffee Co. is working to empower through education. As a certified B Corp, their impact continues to grow each day dedicated to changing the world through business. Through their nonprofit, Monochrome International located in Australia, they have funded 25,000 education days in East Africa, hosted seminars for over 400 attendees and have responsibly-sourced 1 metric ton from smallholder farmers.

At Monochrome Coffee Co. you can make a difference just by stopping in and purchasing your morning cup of coffee.

6. Thrive Farmers

Thrive Farmers out of Atlanta is on a mission; to make an impact. In addition to some seriously smooth java, Thrive Farmers are living the B Corp mantra, “to use business as a force for good.” Through the work of the ThriveWorx Foundation, the mugs behind the mug are empowering communities, working for the ethical wages for the farmers and their families, and acting both global and local. With a bevy of brews and teas, Thrive celebrates quality and purposeful craftsmanship while constantly innovating in an ancient industry.

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Editor’s Note: Rubicon is not affiliated with the companies referenced in the blog post, and any references to companies in the post are not meant to convey an endorsement of Rubicon by those companies in any way.