When you’re running a church, college, school and preschool, every penny counts. Dayspring Bible College and Seminary and its affiliated Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church in Mundelein, IL knows this first hand. When the parish started searching for ways to cut their costs and give more back to their community, they were shocked to discover the amount they had been spending on their garbage.

“I know we have a lot of trash, but what we were paying seemed like highway robbery,” says Pastor Mark Julian, Dean. “Ironically, a friend of mine had recently told me about a new waste and recycling company that had been doing some awesome stuff in the industry, including saving businesses a ton of money.”

Mark went home, looked up Rubicon and immediately requested a quote.

“When the Rubicon account executive got back to me with the price, at first I didn’t believe him. Working with Rubicon would save my church and schools more than $10,000 annually. That kind of money to a ministry represents a person or a child that can be reached and impacted,” says Julian.

Rubicon right-sized the parish’s bins and locked in low a price that wouldn’t be subject to hidden fees – which the other large waste companies are notorious for tacking on to customers’ bills.

“Rubicon bought us out of our existing waste contract and dealt with the nasty tactics of our previous provider,” says Julian. “Rubicon took care of the whole situation.”

Dayspring Bible College and Seminary and the Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church  made the switch, allowing them to stop spending their money on trash and instead spend it where it matters most to them, their church and schools.

“Rubicon has been great. They found us amazing savings that don’t come at the expense of customer service. They are easy to work with and have answered all of my questions and concerns. I only wish we had made the switch sooner.”