The mission of Rubicon is to end waste, and with the company’s employees across the U.S., we continue to separate ourselves from the outdated landfill models by leveraging technology to integrate smart choices in waste and recycling.

From RUBICONSmartCity to the RUBICONMethod, it is through the efforts of Rubicon’s amazing employees that we drive our success for large retail and commercial customers, our hauler community, small to mid-sized business, and local governments.  

As a Certified B Corp, Rubicon is about serving a greater good – and that model is well represented in the amazing veterans that have come to Rubicon in the past and currently, who live that model of serving the greater good.  

So on this Veterans Day Weekend, we checked in with some of Rubicon’s employees who served in various branches of the U.S. Military to ask them about their service, their work at Rubicon and what they enjoy about being part of a company with a mission to end waste.  

Amy Hamilton served four years as an Air Traffic Controller in the United States Marine Corps, and has been working at Rubicon for more than six years as a Business Channel Director. In Amy’s role, she oversees the operational and financial health of one of Rubicon’s largest accounts in the retail space.  

“My days at Rubicon are filled with excitement as our customer has fantastic challenges in the waste and recycling space that I work each day to help them solve,” said Amy.  “I’m helping the customer pull data points and information to help them make smart decisions around future baler needs and sustainability efforts. I am so very proud of my military service and helping our country, and now that wonderful feeling continues with a career directly tied to helping the planet.”   

Felisa Stewart served eight years, also in the United States Marine Corps, achieving the rank of Sergeant, and has been with Rubicon on a full-time basis for more than five years, serving as a Recycling Logistics Specialist.

“I help manage over 20 vendors and more than 2,500 locations across the U.S., so the challenges I face daily in helping customers move toward zero waste is both incredibly demanding and rewarding,” said Felisa.  “I joined the military because I was incredibly proud and honored to support our country and now, I take that same sense of pride and get to support our planet overall with a career that ties directly to recycling and sustainability.”  

Rubicon is proud of all of its employees who help make the company who it is, and we thank all of the men and women who have served and continue to serve, across our branches of the U.S. military for a greater good.