Rubicon launched the RUBICONMethod, a six-step guide to implementing a successful waste reduction and recycling program earlier this year in large part because small businesses often ask us how they can start becoming more sustainable. At Rubicon, we make it a core part of our business model to make sustainability easier for small businesses, and today we are launching our online store in conjunction with other leading sustainability brands. 

Our initial partners allow businesses to purchase the necessary items to implement the RUBICONMethod, from mail-in recycling solutions to bins with clearly-labeled waste streams. This RUBICONMarketplace will be your one-stop solution for reducing the waste inside your building or storefront and bringing to life the Circular Economy. And during the coming months, we will be expanding the store’s offerings to better serve your growing needs as your business starts its zero waste journey.

If you’re starting your steps towards sustainability here are three fool-proof ways to kick-off your efforts:

Mail-in Recycling Solutions

Our option for Mail-in Recycling Solutions allows your business to develop better recycling habits and implement a solution for the stubborn items that are not accepted by your local recycling system.

Our partner, TerraCycle, has created Zero Waste Boxes, which are unique mail-in boxes that create a broader spectrum of non-landfill solutions for virtually every waste stream, including difficult to solve items such as candy wrappers, batteries, and cigarette butts. Gone are the days of granola bar wrappers and coffee pods cluttering your cans! Instead of banning all Doritos from your office, you can instead provide a simple way to recycle snack wrapper waste.


We’ve also teamed up with Clean River Recycling Solutions, the company behind easy-to-use bins to help your business recycle and begin to thrive. The standardized labels included on every bin, produced by Recycle Across America, are proven to increase recycling levels 50-100%, and dramatically decrease the amount of contamination (aka garbage) thrown into recycling bins. This means more recycling and improved financial viability for recycling programs. The bins come in 50-gallon size, are made from recycled materials themselves, and represent the first step towards implementing a successful and long-term waste reduction program for your business. And don’t forget the pointer from the RUBICONMethod to always place bins in the same order, side-by-side, with a landfill on the left, mixed recycling in the middle, and composting on the right.  This aids in user adoption and consistency to reduce confusion that leads to contamination.

Compostable Bin Liners

Bin Liners are an essential product for waste collection, and we have lined-up a great offering from another partner that specializes in producing these important products. Commit to Green’s compostable liners help keep bins clean, which in turn increase participation for your recycling program. People assume one of the major issues with upkeep for an organics recycling program is the mess, but the liners really make the process as simple and sanitary as possible. In addition to lining the compost bins, the liners themselves are, of course, compostable!

The liners are proven to biodegrade in no more than 180 days in a proper composting environment. These liners are also a core part of the RUBICONMethod, which advocates for usage of different colored liners (i.e. bags) for landfill (black), recycling (clear), and organic (green) bins to ensure materials end up in the correct waste stream when collected by custodial staff.

Check out the RUBICONMarketplace for more information and to place an order today.