Here at Rubicon, we work with customers of all sizes, from all walks of life. From large household names, to city governments across the United States and beyond, to the small businesses that keep America’s economy strong, we take pride in the work we do to help our clients toward our mission to end waste.

Today I would like to bring you some Rubicon reviews, and introduce you to just a few of our small business customers to highlight the challenges they came to us with, and the ways in which we addressed these obstacles head on.

Boulevard Realty

After moving to a new location, Boulevard Realty, a real estate agency based out of Houston, Texas, found that their previous waste and recycling company was too expensive at their new address. They told us that they wanted to work with a company that was both reliable and able to work around their schedule and preferred pick-up times.

After becoming Boulevard Realty’s waste and recycling partner, Rubicon® offered consistent service from day one, working to ensure that pickups were always convenient. We also saved them money—post Hurricane Harvey, Boulevard Realty was able to use some of their savings from working with Rubicon to give back to the local community in Houston.

“Honestly, trash is one of the last things I want to think about as a part of my day-to-day,” said Boulevard Realty’s office manager Marianne Terrell. “For this reason, partnering with Rubicon was ideal because they pick up when they say they’re going to, and they save us money.”

First Signal

For First Signal, a healthcare technology company based out of Marietta, Georgia, their waste and recycling costs were not top of mind. They didn’t want to have to think about it. This was until they noticed that their costs kept going up with their prior vendor. They wanted to move to a new waste and recycling provider, but they discovered they were stuck in a long-term contract.

Rubicon got First Signal out of their former contract, handling the process from beginning to end. They now have a great working relationship with their waste and recycling provider. They know that when they pick up the phone to call Rubicon, a real person who knows their account will be on the other end.

“Our prior vendor was starting to eat us up in terms of costs. The bill kept going up.” said Tim Davern, President and CEO of First Signal. “Since working with Rubicon we have saved money every month; money that I reinvest right back into the business.”

Christian Community Assistance

Christian Community Assistance, a faith organization on a tight budget based out of Fort Worth, Texas, told us when we first started working with them that their garbage pickups were high on their list of priorities. They knew that they were being over-serviced by their previous provider (and being charged extra for the privilege), but they didn’t know how to make the change to a new waste and recycling partner.

After switching to Rubicon, the Christian Community Assistance told us that the savings we were bringing them were going right back into the running of the non-profit, and helping the community as a whole.

“Rubicon opened our eyes to the fact that we were being over-serviced by our previous provider,” said Linda Jo Galvan, Director of Christian Community Assistance. “As a non-profit we are on a tight budget, so every dollar saved really does make a difference. We are happy we made the switch to Rubicon.”

Quentin Road Baptist Church

For Quentin Road Baptist Church out of Zurich, Illinois, managing costs was key for the ministry and school with over 2,500 students from pre-K all the way through seminary school. Unfortunately, they were locked into a contract in which costs were escalating, pick-up times were scattered, and reliability was inconsistent.

Rubicon helped get the church out of its contract and connected them with an affordable, consistent, and transparent Rubicon hauling partner. The church is now on a path toward sustainability with more strategic pickups.

“Rubicon treated us like a priority customer,” said Pastor Mark Julian, Dean of the Quentin Road Baptist Church. “They got us out of our existing contract, and now provide a reliable waste solution that puts money back into our church and organization. We couldn’t be happier with Rubicon.”

Mail Louisville, Inc.

Mail Louisville, a direct mail fulfillment company, noticed they were getting charged more and more for their trash and recycling pickups. When they told their previous provider that they wanted to work with a new hauler, they were threatened with breach of contract notices.

We got Mail Louisville out of their contract, taking charge of the whole process. They are now saving money every month; money that they’re putting toward other areas of their business.

“While wanting to reduce our waste and recycling costs was the main reason we reached out to Rubicon, we have been pleasantly surprised by how much they actually care about having us as a customer,” said Natalie Houchens, head accountant for Mail Louisville, Inc. “We are proud to call Rubicon a business partner.”

These Rubicon reviews truly show the impact that our mission to end waste has on our customers. If you’re interested in having Rubicon combine cost savings and sustainability for your business, please drop me a line any time at or contact our sales team at (844) 479-1507.

Nick McCulloch is Senior Manager of Sustainability at Rubicon. To stay ahead of Rubicon’s announcements of new partnerships and collaborations around the world, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or contact us today.