A RUBICONRecognized™ business is one that has taken the important steps to operate more sustainably and efficiently, and in turn, these businesses deserve to be celebrated. This unique recognition program highlights customer commitment and partnership with Rubicon® to end waste. These businesses work to keep waste out of landfills and create a more circular economy through recycling and reuse, while simultaneously educating their employees and customers on the values of serving the planet.

In addition to these core values, our proud Austin, Texas RUBICONRecognized customers excel at demonstrating to the community how much of each material they are diverting and how they are making progress towards eliminating waste.

Here is a round-up of six Austin, Texas RUBICONRecognized customers that are not only keeping Austin weird, but sustainable!

Wanderlust Wine Co.

Wanderlust Wine Co. is a small business in Austin that sells premium wines available on tap. Service is easy, with no corks, bottle handling, or delays. All you have to do to get a glass of wine is place your card into the card reader, fill your glass, and pay for what you pour. Wanderlust kegs offer a 96 percent reduction in carbon footprint compared to bottled wine, giving you 56 different wines to choose from on tap.

Founder and owner Sammy Lam and his team have been working hard to keep guests safe and happy while surviving the challenges of being a start-up winery during a worldwide pandemic. Their persistence, love for what they do, and love for Austin have allowed Wanderlust to thrive.

Dogs Around Austin

Dogs Around Austin is a women-owned, full-service dog community center in Austin. They offer overnight boarding, doggie daycare, and fear-free-based dog training. They also offer grooming and even photography services for your pooch. Dogs Around Austin partners with a canine behavior consultant to train its staff in training all dogs, regardless of their anxiety, behavioral, or medical special needs.


SolScapers is a lawn and landscape design and maintenance company located in the greater Austin area. They offer free estimates for their projects and work with customers to educate them on the best choices and options for their specific requirements. They’re focused on performing the exact landscaping services that will help their customers maximize their property value to its fullest potential. Their services include landscaping, lawn maintenance, gardening, and even xeriscaping or hardscaping.

Canvas Showroom

Canvas Showroom is a direct-to-trade showroom that offers exquisite textiles and fine objects for your home. Their team is a collection of designers in Austin who each offer a unique perspective in interior design. Owner Christina Cole Abboud has global experience in interior architecture and home furnishings, while project manager Caroline Mcquade has a degree in apparel and textiles. This experience gives Canvas Showroom the necessary experience to find the most unique and talented weavers across the world.

University Christian Church

University Christian Church is a church located in central Austin that has ministries both locally and internationally. Led by Reverends Megan Peglar and Chelsea McCutchin, University Christian Church hosts both a Children’s Ministry and a College Ministry that are welcoming to all. They are a founding supporter of Micah 6, the largest available food pantry in Austin, and they have raised $30,000 for Inman Christian Center, a community center that provides childcare and other social services to low-income families in San Antonio.

High Pointe Baptist Church

High Pointe Baptist Church is a church in Austin that embraces the ethnic and cultural diversity of the city. In addition to their Sunday services, they offer a Sunday Preaching Series available on their website and host Life Classes where they examine the Doctrine of Scripture and topics such as Worldview and Apologetics. They even host T2G: Titus 2 Groups, an intergenerational mentoring ministry for women. Their sermons are all available online throughout the pandemic and the future as the HPBC family makes it easy to connect with the community while staying home and safe.

With a six-month commitment and six simple steps to educate, reduce, and report; learn more about the RUBICONRecognized™ program and how your independent business can get customized waste and recycling solutions to help you create a more sustainable business.

Danielle McHarris is Senior Director of SMB Sales at Rubicon. To stay ahead of Rubicon’s announcements of new partnerships and collaborations around the world, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or contact us today.