The mission of Rubicon is to end waste, a huge undertaking and something from which most companies would shy away from. Rubicon, on the other hand, is facing this issue head-on pulling a waste industry into the 21st century through technology and more sustainable practices. As a certified B Corp, Rubicon is committed to changing the world through the power of business. How? Through a business model that empowers independent haulers, elevates small businesses, streamlines the waste and recycling of enterprise companies and drives smart city solutions throughout our communities.

Recently certified as a Great Place to Work, Rubicon invests in its people as much as its business. With one of our core values to be passionate, we are truly passionate about our employees knowing that providing competitive benefits and work-life balance will foster a prosperous and inclusive culture.

Highlighted below are just a few of the many reasons that our Rubicon team members love working here:

1. 401k:

At Rubicon, another one of our core values is being dedicated servants to the planet and to future generations. It is our values like these that define us as a company and set us apart from our competitors. Our 401(k) benefit offerings tie directly to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment options. Having ESGs in our portfolio deeper maps universally who we are as a company and keeps Rubicon in alignment with another of our core values, serve the planet.

This core value is in our foundation and continues to evolve, creating a more efficient and effective society.

2. Backup Wellness and Child Care Benefit:

Helpr is our exciting child care benefit for Rubicon team members. All families have access to 24 hours of professional, fully screened childcare providers to assist in times of need.  Whether you have a gap in your regular child care coverage and need someone to fill in, your child wakes up sick and you don’t have a babysitter available, or you are juggling things at home and need a few hours to yourself, Helpr is there around the clock to support any and all of our employee’s childcare needs.

3. Maternity/Paternity Leave Policy:

We are excited to welcome the next generation to the Rubicon family. To provide expecting mothers and fathers ease in this exciting new chapter in their lives, Rubicon provides 6 weeks of paid maternity leave, 11 days of paid paternity leave and an additional 4 weeks of paid leave for each year employed at Rubicon.

4. Unlimited PTO:

Rubicon is proud to provide unlimited paid time off to full-time employees. We believe this benefit is important because sometimes it is hard to plan a few months out let alone allocate your PTO for an entire year. Whether it’s your summer family trip, a friend’s wedding or you just need a personal day, team members have the opportunity to take days knowing the company supports your time off as much as your time on at work. Rubicon also provides paid time off for all company-sponsored volunteer events and a 6-month sabbatical unpaid is available to employees once they have been with the company for three years.

5. Affinity Networks /Intramural Teams / Weekly Chiropractor:

Social gatherings are encouraged at Rubicon and part of our daily culture. We host themed movie nights, art exhibit outings and even happy hours to mix different functions and enjoy time outside the office. A few of the company-sponsored opportunities include our intramural teams throughout the year. Rubicon has a softball, volleyball and kickball team. The fun part is all different levels participate from executive leadership to individual contributors.

Within the office, during business hours we also have empowering opportunities to connect through our affinity group, G.R.O.W. standing for Growth in Relationships and Opportunities for Women. Through mentorship and engaging events throughout the year, G.R.O.W. will help you connect with your peers across the company to discuss and inspire workplace and career advancement. To champion our wellness initiative in the Atlanta office, every team member has a standing desk as well as access to a weekly chiropractor on site.

6. Sustainable Transportation:

Rubicon was recognized as the “2017 Mobility Champion”  in business by some of our local Atlanta business associations, highlighting our alternative commuter solutions by our team members. Approximately 40% of our company uses alternate sources of transportation, helping to reduce pollution and exhaust emissions. We accomplish these efforts by helping to cover the costs for employees who use the MARTA train in Atlanta, the MTA subway system in New York City or the Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) in San Francisco. This also continues to reinforce our company values and living a truly sustainable life.

7. Fooda:

Twice a week Rubicon provides team members a variety of lunch options including BBQ, Indian, Mexican, Jamaican and American food through a company called Fooda. Fooda partners with local restaurants across the city to bring a variety of food options into businesses. As an added incentive, Rubicon subsidizes the cost of each lunch to make it even more affordable. This saves our team members time and stresses worrying about what’s for lunch. In turn, it is also an opportunity to promote our sustainability efforts throughout our offices like eliminating plasticware and only use real silverware and plates. We also have composting and recycling bins in all of our kitchens. This is a great way to provide quality food to our employees while supporting our mission to end waste.

At Rubicon, our ur people are our everything and we continue to support our employees through opportunities that not only enhance their work life at Rubicon, but transcend to their personal life as well.