Buddhists have a pretty interesting expression. They call housework “invisible work,” because you only notice it when it’s not done. When managed properly, infrastructure is just the same –invisible. Think about your trash and recycling. You toss your waste and voila. Gone. But it wasn’t magic. There are actually thousands of people behind the scenes working tirelessly to take care of your waste and recycling so you don’t have to!

Garbage men and women are the heart and soul of Rubicon. Without them we couldn’t do what we do. Our partner haulers enable us to divert waste from landfills, improve transparency and cost efficiency for our customers, and collect data for our cities! Basically, these people rock and their hard work deserves to be celebrated. So, in honor of National Garbage Man Day (it’s really a whole week), some of our partner haulers told us why they think they’re the best Garbage Man in America.

Check out the Q&As below and help us name the BEST Garbage Man in the U.S.! The 1st place winner will receive $3,000 Pro Bucks to be used towards our RubiconPro Program. Oh, and a pretty sweet trophy. Our 2nd place winner will receive $1,500 in Pro Bucks and 3rd place will receive $500 in Pro Bucks!!

Meet Acadiana Waste Services:

What’s your favorite part of the waste biz?

Acadiana Waste Services: Getting to interact with the people we serve is important to me, as well as knowing I am able to provide jobs to industry professionals.

What’s your favorite waste joke?

Acadiana Waste Services: What has 10 wheels and flies? A garbage truck.

Why should you be named the best hauler?

Acadiana Waste Services: Our focus is on service and how we can make the people we serve have the best experience ever.

Meet OP Waste Enterprises:

What do you love most about your job?

OP Waste Enterprises: I believe helping others is a great part of my job. Also knowing that the waste industry will never go out.

Have any good waste jokes or stories to share?

OP Waste Enterprises: I have had many moments where people have interrupted me and asked what am I talking about and I answer, “I’m just trash talking.”

Why should you be named the best hauler?

OP Waste Enterprises: We are excellent at what we do. We never let an issue go unsolved. We work year-round, and the only day we have off is Sundays.

Meet Big River Disposal:

What is your favorite part of the job?

Big River Disposal: Serving the community!

What’s your best waste joke or story?

Big River Disposal: A friend asked his son what he wanted to be when he grew up. The son answered, “A trash man, because he only works on Tuesdays!”

Why should you be named the best hauler?

Big River Disposal: This business is now in its 4th generation of disposal service. We give dependable and prompt service. Honesty is our most valued asset! We are family owned and family run.

Meet Fought’s Disposal:

What do you love most about what you do?

Fought’s Disposal: The people. Every human being we encounter is greeted and addressed with respect and dignity as if they were the last person we would ever service.

What’s your best waste story?

Fought’s Disposal: One day, while servicing a stop, I threw a big box in the back of the truck and never gave it a look. Later that day, my wife called, and Mrs. Mason had called to see if I’d thrown away her cheerleading uniforms that sat on her trash can (she’d run inside quickly and sat them on the trash can). My answer was a simple “yepper!” She begged me to try to find them. I told her there was virtually no chance I would ever be able to find them in 12 tons of trash. But I would look. While unloading, this box just fell off to the side. Low and behold, it was her uniforms. In perfect condition. The box was a little smashed but nothing inside was damaged. To say that she was happy would be an understatement. That is why we do what we do.

Why should you be named the best hauler?

Fought’s Disposal: Being a U.S. Marine for 12 years, I have learned to improvise, overcome and adapt to each and every situation that is presented to this company. And with today’s core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment, we continue to be a company that is respected and one that others follow.

Meet Dodd’s Trash Hauling:

What’s your favorite part of the waste biz?

Dodd’s Trash Hauling: Providing a much needed service – that can be a thankless job – but getting lots of thanks and praise from the wonderful people we service that truly do appreciate us. That is priceless.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you on the job?

Dodd’s Trash Hauling: Watching a shop owner that wanted to make sure the recycling was not missed… running down the street, chasing the truck, and not stopping to pull up his pants as they were falling down.

Why should you be named the best hauler?

Dodd’s Trash Hauling: I’m the Small Town Friend Collector. I take great care of the people we service and have gained their trust, as well as friendship!

Meet Youngblood Disposal:

What’s your favorite part of the waste biz?

Youngblood Disposal: Being part of an amazing group of people. It’s all about the culture for me and it’s amazing here at Youngblood Disposal. Each day, a small army of people comes together to get it done! Everyone is great at what they do and works very well with each other. This is a culture that has been built from the top-down. Leadership is all about the success of your people. We have leaders, not bosses!

Why should you be named the best hauler?

Youngblood Disposal: We here at Youngblood Disposal do whatever it takes to get the job done- done safely and done well.

Let me hear your best waste joke:

Youngblood Disposal: The most secure job is a Garbage Man….business is always picking up. *Badum-Ching*

Meet Best Way Disposal:

What’s your favorite part of the waste biz?

Best Way Disposal: Meeting so many different people and creating long term relationships from all walks of life. Nothing else like this business.

Why should you be named the best hauler?

Best Way Disposal: Best Way Disposal believes in putting forth the effort to service someone way beyond what they are expecting.

Meet S and S Sanitation:

What’s your favorite part of your job?

S and S Sanitation: Doing our job in the best way possible. A job isn’t done unless it’s done well.

What’s your favorite story from a day on the job?

S and S Sanitation: Nothing like starting your day with a lady jumping out of a bin at the back of your truck.

Why should you be named the best hauler?

S and S Sanitation: We are a small family-operated waste hauler in business since 1985, with 10 employees who all have at least 14 years of service. We work out of a small town with no town or city contracts, and we have found that impeccable service goes a long way.

Meet Pinto Service Inc.:

What do you love about your job?

Pinto Service Inc.: The challenge and rush of being able to provide high quality service in such a competitive industry. Dealing with all shapes and sizes of different industries and watching the businesses we service build their brand, and knowing you were able to help along the way.

Why should you be named the best hauler?

Pinto Service Inc.: We believe our service and smiling face that we provide to the people we service puts us on par with the best. What we do is essential to these people, we know that and want to provide them with the best service possible.