Rubicon® is always searching for sustainable businesses and products to support. The holidays are a time for celebration and food-based fun, and as such it pays to choose sustainable snacks to enjoy while spending time with family.

In anticipation of a joyous Fourth of July celebration, we have gathered together a list of sustainable and eco-friendly snacks that you can enjoy at your picnics, pool parties, and firepits. Try out some of these delectable snacks this Independence Day and celebrate the summer sustainably!

Pulp Pantry: Los Angeles, California

If you’re torn by your love of crunchy chips and desire for nutritious eating, there’s a sustainable option that lets you keep the crunch going without the guilt. Pulp Pantry is an eco-friendly and nutritious snack brand that makes grain-free veggie chips out of nutrient-dense ingredients.

Pulp Pantry uses the pulp that remains from making cold-pressed juice, using the dense fiber to create a tasty snack. Because so much food goes to waste, filling landfills and creating dangerous levels of methane, Pulp Pantry finds a use for the food we would otherwise throw away.

Pulp Pantry chips are high on the fiber and low on the carbs, making them a nutritious alternative to your regular potato chip brand. They’ve got fun flavors like Jalapeño Lime and classics like Barbecue or Salt and Vinegar that have the same taste as what you’re used to. One of the best parts of their products is that they don’t have the same added sugar that most brands use, making them much more filling and satisfying.

Look out for Pulp Pantry’s episode of The Town Haul later this summer!

Butcher Box: Brighton, Massachusetts

There is no better place to celebrate July 4th than on the grill. Take the time to prepare an indulgent homemade and celebratory meal using sustainably sourced meats and seafood from Butcher Box.

Butcher Box is meat with a mission. Delivering ethically sourced proteins right to your home, Butcher Box takes care of their farmers, their animals, their land, and their carbon footprint. Butcher Box is much more than just a vehicle for delivering high-quality proteins to your door; they have become a vehicle for change across the country. Scoring high on the governance section of their B Corporation Certification process, ButcherBox CEO, Mike Salguero created an internal DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) committee to hire a more racially diverse employee base and create metrics around accountability and transparency.

In addition to equipping customers with meat they can feel good about consuming, the Butcher Box team has also curated tons of impressive and delicious recipes on their website. There are over 100 recipes on the site with modifications for gluten-free, paleo, and keto diets. With an extensive library and the BB Kitchen promising to “develop new recipes every day,” there is something on this list that is sure to satisfy all of your Independence Day guests.

With equitable treatment for employees and an emphasis on inclusion and fair living wages, the BB team proudly became B Corp certified at the end of 2020.

ReGrained: San Francisco, California

Another crunchy delight that we love to highlight is ReGrained super grain puffs. Each bag comes with four 100 calorie servings of puffs made out of the grain left over from brewing beer. Instead of sending this grain to the landfill, ReGrained upcycles it to make a nutritious salty snack. You can get their puffs in flavors like Aged Sharp Cheddar or Mexican Street Corn, enjoying the savory flavor and the knowledge that you’re playing a pivotal part in the waste-free movement.

All of ReGrained’s products are made with non-GMO organic ingredients, giving you an excellent source of prebiotic fiber to improve gut health. They’re also actively testing sustainable packaging materials as they seek to reduce their waste even further.

Listen to ReGrained’s episode of Rubicon’s Town Haul Podcast here!

Jeni’s Ice Cream: Columbus, Ohio

Don’t think we’ve forgotten your sweet tooth. Jeni’s Ice Cream, based in one of the latest RUBICONSmartCity™ downtowns—Columbus, Ohio—is known not just for their sustainability, but also for the incredible quality of their delicious ice cream. Jeni’s uses only Direct Trade and Fair Trade ingredients, creating one-of-a-kind flavors like Sweet Cream Biscuits & Jam or Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns that you can order by the cone or by the pint.

In addition to their focus on Direct and Fair Trade, Jeni’s is a Certified B Corporation that employs a diverse team of people and makes a point to work with women- and minority-owned businesses. They’re also actively working towards achieving zero waste in their shop, with 95 percent of what you buy in a Jeni’s shop being reusable, recyclable, or compostable. So whether you buy a few pints for your backyard barbecue or stop by their scoop shop for a delicious cone at the end of the day, you can enjoy a dessert that’s as delicious as it is sustainable.

Bobo’s Snacks: Boulder, Colorado

Bobo’s Snacks is famous for their delicious oat bars, which are made using the same recipe of wholesome ingredients that they used when they first started out in 2003. Their oat bars quickly spread across Boulder to become a favorite of the cafés, leading them to expand into grocery stores nationwide.

All of their baked goods are made by hand in Boulder using gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO ingredients. Each bar begins with just four ingredients that you’d be able to find in your kitchen cabinet, the key ingredient of which is 100 percent organic whole grain oats. From their classic Chocolate Chip Oat Bar to their Pride-themed Lemon Poppyseed Oat Bar, there’s no shortage of yummy and filling bars to chow down on.

Barnana: Santa Monica, California

Another sweet and sustainable snack is Barnana’s plantain chips, a salty, crunchy, and sweet treat made from a few simple ingredients. Barnana uses upcycled bananas and sustainably harvested plantains to make a variety of sweet and savory chips. They also make a point to work with and support indigenous communities that use organic, regenerative, and fair farming practices.

Barnana sells snacks for any occasion, from their grain-free Plantain Tortilla Chips to their Double Chunk Dark Chocolate Organic Cookie Brittle. You can buy their products from countless supermarkets and grocery stores, stocking up on a few more tasty snacks to go with the rest of your Independence Day goodies.

Ben & Jerry’s: Burlington, Vermont

The last sustainable snack company on our list is also one of the most recognizable. While Ben & Jerry’s has long been a childhood classic, this company has also been a champion of sustainability. Their ice cream not only tastes delicious, it is made using thoughtful ingredients and packaging materials.

Ben & Jerry’s focuses on supplier diversity, supporting thriving farmers and farmworkers, and minimizing their environmental impact. All of their paperboard packaging is Forest Stewardship Council certified: That means that it’s not only sustainable but that it also protects forest wildlife and biodiversity. They also use their waste to generate energy to power farms by putting it into methane digesters alongside other farm waste.

And we haven’t even gotten to their flavors. There’s no shortage of the creative and hilariously-titled ice creams that you can buy in a pint at your local supermarket. From classics like Cherry Garcia to non-dairy pints of P.B. & Cookies, you’ll be able to find something cool and creamy to enjoy after dinner.

Find out more about what it means to Rubicon to be a Certified B Corp, or to learn more about Rubicon’s work transforming the entire category of waste and recycling, be sure to download our inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report.

Editor’s Note: References made to businesses/companies in this post are not meant to convey affiliation with or endorsement of Rubicon by those companies in any way.

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