Welcome to “How I Recycle,” a new series from Rubicon® in which we sit down with a Rubicon employee from across our offices to dive into everything from their recycling best practices, interesting solutions that they have created to make recycling easier, and what they’re doing to live up to Rubicon’s mission to end waste, in all its forms, in their own communities.

Next up is Irwin Anderson Jr, Innovation and Hauler Management, South Region, based out of Rubicon’s Atlanta, Georgia headquarters—though due to the COVID-19 global health emergency, currently working from home.

This is how he recycles.

What are your recycling routines at home? What do you tend to focus on?

I break down cardboard boxes and clean out all glass and aluminum cans. I utilize three small bins for trash, recycling, and compost so I can be sure no recyclable or compostable materials end up in the trash.

When shopping I use a reusable bag so to not waste a plastic or paper one. I periodically go through my clothes and donate gently-used items to people in need. If I have a damaged shirt or pair of shorts I break these down to be used as rags and cleaning cloths.

Have you discovered any cool solutions to make recycling easier?

I’ve learned that my Labrador, Blu, is a great natural composter for most items. For the items that he cannot eat, I place them in the compost area I made in my yard, and shuffle it weekly.

What are your most-recycled items or materials?

For sure this is glass/plastic bottles and cans, paper and cardboard, and food waste which as noted I place in my compost pile.

How has working from home made you rethink your recycling or sustainability efforts?

I use too much unnecessary electrical energy. I have started unplugging everything and only plugging items back in when I need them, in order to conserve energy.

If you could share one nugget of advice on how we can all better recycle, what would it be?

Start slow and gradually grow into it… it doesn’t happen overnight! It’s a process that you gradually work on one day at a time. Eventually you will reduce your waste. Every little bit helps!

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