Rubicon’s Founder and CEO, Nate Morris, recently appeared on the Harvard Business Review’s “Cold Call” Podcast, commemorating the fifth anniversary of Rubicon® being a protagonist in their acclaimed HBS “case study” review.

The HBS “case study” method prepares students to be in leadership positions where they will face time-sensitive decisions with limited information. Each case study posits a question that each of its real-world protagonists have faced in the course of their business. Students utilize analytical data to determine a course of action, often mirroring the process the company experienced.

Cold Call distills Harvard Business School’s legendary case studies into podcast form. Hosted by Brian Kenny, the podcast airs every two weeks and features Harvard Business School faculty discussing cases they’ve written and the lessons they impart.

In the episode, Nate shared with host Brian Kenny, and panelist Professor Shai Bernstein, how Rubicon was founded, why he chose waste and recycling, what the founding of Rubicon in Kentucky means for the state, and what made Rubicon a unique case study.

Listen to the episode now on the “Cold Call” website, or by searching for “Cold Call” on your favorite podcast app.

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