Welcome to the Haul of Fame, a weekly series from Rubicon in which we sit down with a hauler partner to talk about their company, their community, and how they’re collaborating with Rubicon in our mission to end waste.

Mercado’s Dumpster Service is a Charlotte, North Carolina based hauler that has been serving the area since 1996. A second-generation company started by Lauro R. Mercado Senior, Mercado’s has grown into a 35 truck fleet that offers roll-offs, front ends, and recycling services to its thousands of customers. With more than 40 employees, the company recently opened a branch in Winston-Salem, North Carolina as the company continues its path to growth.

Lauro R. Mercado Senior and Mercado’s Vice President, Joel “J.B.” Mercado, sat down with Rubicon to talk about their company and mission for the Haul of Fame.

How does Rubicon’s mission to end waste match-up to Mercado’s own company mission?

Mercado: At Mercado, we are actively working with customers to try to find alternatives to the disposal of waste in landfills. We are also trying to push customers to recycle more, shifting less waste to the landfill, and even helping to educate customers on what can and can’t be recycled. So our company mission aligns well with Rubicon.

How does Mercado distinguish itself from the competition?

Mercado: We are a service-first company. Customer service is our top priority in all that we do. We treat each customer as if they were our only customer, giving each account the care and service that it needs. We think that is our big differentiator.

What is the view of Mercado when it comes to participating in the circular economy and helping build a more sustainable future?

Mercado: In the future, we want to own our own transfer station and build our own Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) as well. This will help us to get further first-hand information on waste, the recycling market overall, and find other ways to recycle the materials coming from customers.

How has the Rubicon technology in your fleet of vehicles helped you and your drivers in their everyday job?

Mercado: The Rubicon technology in our vehicles has been a lifesaver for us. It enables us to analyze specific situations, and our drivers get the chance to know exactly how their day looks, and the routes that they are going to cover. The delivery confirmation feature is of special interest to our drivers. From the management side, the dispatch dashboard is fantastic. Within seconds, we have a view of the routes, where drivers are, dispatch times, and stops along the routes. Rubicon’s technology has helped to bring the waste and recycling industry into the future.

Where does Mercado see itself five years from now?

Mercado: We love the Charlotte area and all that it offers. We hope to expand on our current facility and then look to add more locations in the years to come. Winston-Salem is our most recent location opening, and a great example of our growth.

Lori Sullivan is Vice President of Hauler Operations at Rubicon. To stay ahead of Rubicon’s announcements of new partnerships and collaborations around the world, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or contact us today.