Welcome to the Haul of Fame, a weekly series from Rubicon in which we sit down with a hauler partner to talk about their company, their community, and how they’re collaborating with Rubicon in our mission to end waste.

Full Sun Composting has been serving the composting needs of the Tulsa, Oklahoma area since 2016. Full Sun Composting offers weekly residential composting pick-up, and restaurant and business pick-up three days per week, using 5-gallon and 48-gallon toters. Started by Don and Natalie Mallory, Full Sun Composting is the only compost hauler in the Tulsa area. With four employees and one truck, Full Sun Composting is building a business from the ground up. Full Sun started working with Rubicon in September of 2018.

Natalie Mallory, Owner and Operator of Full Sun Composting, sat down with Rubicon to talk about her company and mission for the Haul of Fame.

How does Rubicon’s mission to end waste match-up to Full Sun Composting’s own company mission?

Full Sun Composting: We launched Full Sun because we knew that there were so many reasons to keep organics in the food cycle. In Oklahoma, there’s no shortage of land and its cheap to get rid of trash. That’s been a challenge for the composting industry, but there’s growing interest in developing sustainable waste reduction models.

How does Full Sun Composting distinguish itself from the competition?

Full Sun Composting: Commercial composting is a relatively young industry in Oklahoma, so we are one of the very first companies in this space, which is incredibly exciting. We want to be part of growing a thriving composting industry. There aren’t currently any other haulers providing this service in Tulsa. We collect fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, eggshells, grains, cooked meats, and Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Compostable dinnerware to name just a few of the items we work with our customers on. Every November we partner with the Metropolitan Environmental Trust (M.e.t.) in Tulsa to encourage residents to drop off their pumpkins to be composted.

What is the view of Full Sun Composting when it comes to participating in the circular economy and helping build a more sustainable future?

Full Sun Composting: Customers experience the circular economy when they use our compost in their gardens, which was made from food scraps that came out of restaurants that they most likely ate at.

What do you love most about the community in which you work, and the customers you serve?

Full Sun Composting: No one really wants to throw away food. There’s this knowledge that so many resources went into growing and getting it on their plate, that we are thrilled when customers find us and we are able to serve that need.

Where does Full Sun Composting see itself five years from now?

Full Sun Composting: In five years, I imagine we will be far more mechanized and have grown to support the whole Tulsa metro area.

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