Welcome to the Haul of Fame, a weekly series from Rubicon in which we sit down with a hauler partner to talk about their company, their community, and how they’re collaborating with Rubicon in our mission to end waste.

Champion Waste & Recycling Services is a female-owned and operated waste and recycling hauler based in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. A second-generation hauling company, Champion has more than 140 employees and a 60-truck fleet offering front-load, rear-load, roll-off, and compactor solutions. The company also owns and operates three recycling facilities which process commercial, construction, and wood waste. Champion has been working with Rubicon since early 2018.

Paul Kuhar, Vice President of Champion Waste & Recycling Services, sat down with Rubicon to talk about his company and mission for the Haul of Fame.

How does Rubicon’s mission to end waste match-up to Champion’s own company mission?

Champion: Champion Waste & Recycling provides waste diversion programs that include construction, commercial, e-waste, glass, and food waste recycling. We look at what material streams are present at our customers’ locations, and the opportunities that exist to divert these from the landfill. Each customer has various goals and they all depend on market conditions and if end markets exist for those products.

How does Champion distinguish itself from the competition?

Champion: Our company culture focuses on hiring the right people that are as passionate and dedicated about safety, waste diversion, and recycling as we are. We focus on transparency when discussing waste diversion and right-sizing programs for our clients which, ultimately, will help them to achieve their goals. We believe in education, flexibility, and customization when working with our clients.

What is the view of Champion when it comes to participating in the circular economy and helping build a more sustainable future?

Champion: We believe that through education and designing the right diversion programs we can achieve a more realistic recycling goal which will help us move toward the circular economy. We feel that the key is to educate our customers on the importance of reducing our waste, followed by the potential to reuse products and materials. Education and development of end markets is the single most important thing we can do as recyclers and processors. If opportunities do not exist for products to be recycled it becomes even more important to reduce and reuse.

What do you love most about the community in which you work, and the customers you serve?

Champion: The men and women that work for Champion and the customers that we serve make it all possible. Our employees’ commitment to our family’s vision of waste diversion and recycling and the customers that afford us the opportunity to service them is what we love most about our marketplace.

Where does Champion see itself five years from now?

Champion: Champion will continue to advance waste diversion and recycling with our model of vertical material integration by adding recycling facilities, collection vehicles, and material product lines that are created at our current recycling facilities.

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