Welcome to the Haul of Fame, a weekly series from Rubicon in which we sit down with a hauler partner to talk about their company, their community, and how they’re collaborating with Rubicon in our mission to end waste.

As our nation continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the men and women at companies like these are on the front lines, continuing to drive their daily routes and keeping our communities safe and clean. Their work is the linchpin to safeguarding the public health and we thank them, now more than ever, for providing this essential service to our society.

Capitol Waste, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, is a waste and recycling hauler offering containers, roll-offs, front ends, and more in Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, and New Concord, Ohio, as well as in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With 80 trucks in their fleet and approximately 180 employees, Capitol Waste has been working with Rubicon since 2009.

Capitol Waste’s CEO, Rob Smith, and COO, Wendell Shelton, sat down with Rubicon to talk about the company and its mission for the Haul of Fame.

How does Rubicon’s mission to end waste match-up to Capitol Waste’s own company mission?

Capitol Waste: Like Rubicon, Capitol Waste has always been focused on doing what is right for our customers and the environment. We believe that focusing on new and better uses for today’s waste streams is in everyone’s best interest.

How does Capitol Waste distinguish itself from the competition?

Capitol Waste: We believe that delivering the best service to our customers is what sets us apart from our competition. We have a great team of people focused on being personally involved in our service delivery, which allows us to be more responsive than other haulers. We also have a large amount of experience in the industry which allows us to solve customer service challenges quicker and more cost-efficiently than our competitors.

What is the view of Capitol Waste when it comes to participating in the circular economy and helping build a more sustainable future?

Capitol Waste: At Capitol Waste, we feel we play a very important role in the circular economy as we often facilitate new views from our customers on what happens with their current waste streams. We have continued to be a champion of the recycling of many components of our solid waste.

What do you love most about the community in which you work, and the customers you serve?

Capitol Waste: We appreciate our employees, our customers, and the community because those stakeholders are what comprise our company. We like to raise the expectations of our customers by continuing to be creative in providing better service. We appreciate the diversity in our customer base as they truly represent our community.

Where does Capitol Waste see itself five years from now?

Capitol Waste: Capitol Waste sees itself as a stronger regional company in five years. Stronger as far as revenues and service locations, but also stronger in superior talent and diverse service offerings. We see ourselves as being the leading service provider in each of the markets we serve.

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