Welcome to the Haul of Fame, a series in which we sit down with a hauler partner to talk about their company, their community, and how they are collaborating with Rubicon® in our mission to end waste.

As our nation continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the men and women at companies like these are on the front lines, continuing to drive their daily routes and keeping our communities safe and clean. Their work is the linchpin to safeguarding the public health and we thank them, now more than ever, for providing this essential service to our society.

Best Cleaner Disposal (BCD), headquartered in Brighton, Colorado, is a Hispanic American-owned waste and recycling hauler offering front and rear load and residential cart waste and recycling services, as well as roll-off service via its sister company, AltaPeak Rolloffs. Servicing the Greater Denver, Colorado area, BCD is a second-generation hauler. Founded in 2004, BCD is a family business that has been working with Rubicon since 2008.

Best Cleaner Disposal’s manager Oscar Vasquez sat down with Rubicon to talk about his company and mission for the Haul of Fame.

How does Rubicon’s mission to end waste match-up to Best Cleaner Disposal’s own company mission?

Best Cleaner Disposal: Best Cleaner Disposal (BCD) is very aware of the need to reduce and eventually end trash entering landfills. It’s one of the key reasons why BCD prides itself in this area for our recycling methods, as we actually deliver our recyclable materials to a recycling facility, which is not the “norm” in our area as so many of our competitors own landfills.

With that said, the cost of recycling is rapidly and consistently growing, and greater consumer awareness is how we fight this. Honestly, it may be a long time before we can seriously look at being “green” all over, but it starts with continual awareness around the needs of future generations, and we involve ourselves in many events that supply exactly this awareness.

How does Best Cleaner Disposal distinguish itself from the competition?

Best Cleaner Disposal: Actually recycling the materials that we take to the recycling facility is one main way. We also believe that trash and recycling services should be a full package offer—truck, driver, fuel, containers, and service. Yes, prices in our industry increase constantly, but BCD still believes all these items are inclusive, and therefore, we do not charge additional fees.

We also see a major value in accessibility. Our Sales Manager, Coco Wells, has 30 years of experience in this industry, and her dedication to being accessible 24/7 is an amenity more people and businesses are finding to be a major plus when partnering with BCD. We also have proven sustainability credentials and a remarkably low attrition rate with our customers—our competitors can’t say that!

What do you love most about the community in which you work, and the customers you serve?

Best Cleaner Disposal: The loyalty! We have customers that have been with us since our founding in 2004. With our reasonable annual increases kept to just one per year, our customers don’t see their rates doubling or even tripling over 5-10 years like the national rates do. Our communities are made up of one small town after another—people in these towns want to support their local businesses, and we earn that business daily with our communication, accessibility, and true appreciation for them!

Best Cleaner Disposal is a proud Hispanic American-owned business. What is your advice to young Hispanic and Latino Americans looking to start their own business?

Best Cleaner Disposal: With all the changes in our nation and the world today, we are becoming more and more aware of multi-ethnic small business ownership and the serious need by our nation to support these endeavors. Now we can choose to support our younger generation entering into essential businesses such as waste removal, and feel strong about our support of our nation as a community.

The exciting part of dealing with all the changes and much-needed awareness for our young and multi-ethnic entrepreneurs is the federal and local support that has been created to provide grants and assistance. Here at BCD, we encourage everyone of every ethnicity to challenge themselves to prove it’s about leadership, commitment, and ambition when creating a new business—and nothing more!

Where does Best Cleaner Disposal see itself five years from now?

Best Cleaner Disposal: Still here! We are not looking to sell out like many of the local guys have done here. Our plans over the next five years include a larger yard and office complex, as well as looking into what we can offer our customers to help end waste with more composting options and transfer stations in rural areas that are three or more hours from landfills and recycling facilities.

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