Last week Rubicon’s Vice President of Sustainability, David Rachelson, Vice President of Product Development, Jonah Ellin, and Director of Technical Business Development, Samantha Podgorny, made the trip over to Phoenix, Arizona, to join more than 1,200 of the world’s brightest thinkers and most influential sustainability leaders at GreenBiz 19, an annual conference that focuses on the pressing challenges, emerging trends, and biggest opportunities in sustainable business today.

Speaking to a packed room on the topic of how to leverage machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and other forms of technology to enable waste reduction and improved recycling and sustainability efforts, David, Jonah, and Samantha drove home the fact that when it comes to businesses getting a better grasp of the recycling challenges they face, there is a journey enabled by technology that can get them there significantly faster than was available five or ten years ago.

As a technology company providing waste, recycling, and smart city solutions across the world, Rubicon’s mission is to end waste, in all of its forms.

At GreenBiz 19, David, Jonah, and Sam made it clear to all in attendance that the time is now to either start, or expand, their company’s recycling and waste reduction programs through technology. The audience also had the opportunity to see a live demo of RUBICONFlash, whereby the Rubicon team showed audience members how Rubicon’s technology can recognize different types of recyclables (papers, plastics, metals, and more) simply by taking a photo of a recycling bin.

Demonstration of RUBICONFlash
Demonstration of RUBICONFlash

Rubicon’s technology is evolving rapidly and helping to rethink the entire category of waste and recycling. There will always be challenges, but here at Rubicon we thrive on developing answers to these difficult questions.

GreenBiz 20, here we come.

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