For Father’s Day this week, we did a round-up of Rubicon’s most rad dads and their top pieces of advice. Rounding out the week is our very own David Rachelson, our head of sustainability. David gave us a little bit of dad advice, mixed in with some sustainable business insights. Here’s what he had to say:

From IHG to Rubicon – you’ve built a career focused on sustainable business practices. What have been your biggest challenges? Any tips for businesses/entrepreneurs trying to build a sustainable business?

David: I think the challenges have significantly diminished over time. They’re really just opportunities now. The challenges were: buy-in from leadership and consumer acceptance of sustainable business practices. Now, business executives and consumers are advocating for those solutions – 3 out of 4 Millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable offerings. That leads to significant opportunities for entrepreneurs. You can attract business by being sustainable and run your business more efficiently at the same time. That means sustainability is good for business.

So you’re a sustainable waste expert now. What’s your best piece of waste advice?

David: Do the basics well. Don’t overcomplicate it. Recycle at home, and look for recycling bins when you’re out. Oh, and teach your kids, so they understand the importance of it all. Teach them that if we don’t recycle materials, it creates an environmental problem – but if we do recycle, we’re preserving the environment.

You’ve been “into” sustainability from a young age. How do you incorporate sustainability into your home life and teach your kids life lessons?

David: What’s really exciting is that schools are now teaching sustainability. So my kids come home and they tell me what they’ve learned about recycling.

But what we do at home is again, focus on the basics. I teach them what’s recyclable and what’s not. I make sure they’re putting materials in the right place/bin. Actually we took it an extra step and set up a little compost area at our house. We’ve created an activity to go outside and watch the food waste turn into dirt. My son is really into science so loves watching this process.

Give us your best ‘Dad Advice.’

David: This is advice that my dad gave me and I’ve always remembered:

Always take the extra step. Always make sure you go above and beyond…and work hard. Oh and of course, recycle (haha).