At Rubicon®, we recognize the importance of every customer that joins us on our mission to end waste. Through RUBICONConnect™, our customers gain access to an all-in-one solution for their business’s waste, recycling, and sustainability needs. RUBICONConnect allows users to view their invoices and billing history, explore both cost and waste savings, and provides full visibility into their waste streams across multiple locations.

Environmental innovation can be found all over the United States, and the following independent businesses in the Jacksonville, Florida area are providing top-tier customer experiences by partnering with Rubicon to create a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.

Thunderboat Marine Service Center, LLC

Rick Giroux pursued his passion for boating and high-performance racing when he began operating in the American Offshore Marina in 1998. In 2010, Rick united Thunderboat Marine, Harbor One, and American Offshore under the umbrella of Thunderboat Marine Service Center, LLC. Today, this business serves as a full-service boat storage, maintenance, and rental center for boaters who share Rick’s passion. Thunderboat Marine continues to grow and enhance its amenities to maximize the experience it provides to its patrons. 

“Rubicon works with our local hauler and has provided us with cost savings. We have used these savings to re-invest in our property with ongoing repairs, maintenance, and general beautification. They promised to save us money, and they did, and they continue with the promise.” – Maureen Pimentel, Vice President, Thunderboat Marine Service Center.

Wok N Roll

Wok N Roll is a restaurant that serves a wide variety of traditional Chinese dishes to the Jacksonville, Florida area. Between its delectable dishes and inviting atmosphere, it proudly holds its place as a staple for people craving authentic Chinese food in Jacksonville. 

“[Our old provider] was charging many extra fees, but with Rubicon we have seen cost savings, and I like the billing transparency and consistency. We were able to use that [saved] money to improve our quality of food. Best company ever!” – Yi Mei Wei, Owner, Wok N Roll.

ZenCog Bicycle Company

Whether you are using a bike for recreation, transportation around town, or for a cross-country adventure, ZenCog Bicycle Company is dedicated to setting you up for success. Located just minutes from downtown along Jacksonville’s Riverside neighborhood, ZenCog looks at bikes as more than just a mode of transportation—it sees riding as a bonding opportunity among members of a community, a common interest, and a shared, immersive recreational activity.

“We needed a great low-cost solution, Rubicon gave us just that. Great service, great price. Rubicon is easy to work with and we have used savings for operation costs. Perfect communication!” – Garfield Cooper, Owner, ZenCog Bicycle.

Women’s Help Center of Jacksonville, Florida

Since 1990, the Women’s Help Center of Jacksonville, Florida has been providing assistance to women and families free of charge.

“From the initial call to weekly service, Rubicon revolutionizes the waste removal experience! From sales, to the administrative group, to the service crew, everyone seems to want to be the best in customer service they can be. I am grateful for a no worry waste removal company with no hidden fees and no surprise billing. They are straightforward and the best price in town!” – Mel Wheeler, Special Programs / Client Advocate, Women’s Help Center, Inc.

Rubicon provides innovative software-based solutions personalized for each customer’s specific waste and recycling needs. Using technology to drive our mission to end waste, we help businesses and governments keep as much material out of landfills as possible.

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