At Rubicon®, we recognize the importance of every customer that joins us on our mission to end waste. Through RUBICONConnect™, our customers gain access to an all-in-one solution for their business’s waste, recycling, and sustainability needs. RUBICONConnect allows users to view their invoices and billing history, explore both cost and waste savings, and provides full visibility into their waste streams across multiple locations.

Environmental innovation can be found all over the United States, and the following independent businesses in the Atlanta, Georgia area are providing top-tier customer experiences by partnering with Rubicon to create a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.

Tom’s Amusement

Tom’s Amusement supplies gaming machines such as air hockey tables, pool tables, pinball machines, jukeboxes, and more. Tom and Emily Dunn started the company in 1984 in Blue Ridge, and today their products and services are offered in bars, bowling alleys, and skating rinks across Georgia. Emily Dunn has been the CEO since 2002, making a name for herself in the United States amusement industry while earning numerous accolades.

“With our previous waste service provider, we were experiencing delayed pickups and higher pricing, and Rubicon solved those issues. Rubicon saved our company money and gave us the flexibility of scheduling pickups when we needed them. Scheduling a pickup via the Rubicon app makes it quick and convenient. The savings from switching to Rubicon gave us room in our maintenance budget to add to our cleaning services. Rubicon has been great with customer service and response.” — Brian Deyton, Chief Operating Officer, Tom’s Amusement.


Crankandstein is a provider of high quality, precision milling machinery for commercial and home use in Atlanta, Georgia. Each year they sharpen their knowledge on what machines work best, allowing them to expand their product offerings to ensure flawless performance for their customers.

“Rubicon provided service that better suited our small business. The service was less costly and the waste container was easier to manage [than with our former provider]. They are reliable and the cost savings allowed us to hold our prices down longer. We can’t thank them enough for being a thoughtful company. The peace of mind helps us concentrate on providing better goods and services to our customers.” — Don Obenauer, Crankandstein.

North Point Volvo Cars

North Point Volvo is a family-owned and operated car dealership providing the greater Atlanta area with stress-free purchasing of new and pre-owned vehicles. Their fully committed management team provides the customer with “the exact car they want at a price they will love!”

“Rubicon was a great deal, with great service. Billing is easy and they are always on time with services. Great reliable service for a great price!” – Carla, Controller, North Point Volvo Cars.

Emdee International

Emdee International is a female-owned home textile and window treatment provider based in Atlanta, Georgia. Since they opened, they have maintained the highest standards for their products and their customer service. They always ask themselves if the product they sell is something they would put in their own home before displaying it in stores. In over 25 years of business, they have grown their operation to become one of the leading textile importers, manufacturers, and distributors in the United States.

“[We experienced] very high costs and inconsistent service [with our old provider]. [With Rubicon, we receive] consistent service, back office support, and great online tools. It was a pleasure to get a service at a reasonable cost and the entire team from start to finish was very helpful!” – Deepa Sharamrup, Vice President, Emdee International.

A Simple Find

With a 25,000 square foot store in northern Atlanta, A Simple Find provides their customers with anything from small decorations to furniture for their entire home. They provide personalized attention for their customers to help them find exactly what they are looking for, and they will search for specific items that they do not currently have in stock.

“Here at Simple Finds, we are a small business with budget limits that Rubicon meets perfectly. They are always on time and punctual. The overall cost of [Rubicon’s services] is less costly to our small business and their customer support is five-star. With Rubicon’s cost savings, I am able to allocate extra funds for supplies. I checked all competitors and Rubicon is hands down the best!” – Ken Matthes, Owner, A Simple Find.

Rubicon provides innovative software-based solutions personalized for each customer’s specific waste and recycling needs. Using technology to drive our mission to end waste, we help businesses and governments keep as much material out of landfills as possible.

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