Thirteen years ago, owner and animal enthusiast Rebecca Willson took her passion for paws and turned it into a lucrative small business that has been keeping both pets and their owners happy for over a decade.

Located in the South End neighborhood of Boston, The Urban Hound has not only become a staple in the four-legged community but in the local small business sector as well.

The Urban Hound can be described as a boutique dog hotel, spa, and training facility. So much more than just a quick hose down in the backyard, this ingenious facility offers affordable grooming packages that include exclusive extras like hydrotherapy baths and customized haircuts.

This, among other reasons, is why The Urban Hound is one of our top picks for unique small businesses in Boston.

I mean…canine massages and blueberry vanilla facials? Now that’s  royal treatment.

Rebecca’s business journey, mixed in with the long list of luxurious options for our fur-babies, creates the perfect storm for pet owners to get behind. As integral members of the family, animals deserve the best care available, and it’s nice to know that there are people out there who care for our pets as much as we do.

While a pet hotel is not necessarily a concept unique to The Urban Hound, the spa program that Rebecca and her team have expertly crafted is truly unmatchable.

For example, licensed massage therapists offer tailored treatments specifically for your pet, aiding in things like: anxiety reduction, digestion, and pain relief. In addition to all of the beauty and wellness services offered at The Urban Hound, there’s even an on-site veterinarian at your disposal. ( In fact, The Urban Hound has a Harvard graduated veterinarian, professional therapists, and licensed trainers in their arsenal.)

Beyond the pampering, TUH also offers personalized training programs, doggie day camps, and overnight boarding. Equipped with two indoor play-parks, tons of outdoor space, and even luxurious private sleep suites, The Urban Hound is a pet paradise for Beantown locals.

Open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, The Urban Hound is clearly dedicated to offering the most extensive list of services at a bevy of convenient times for both you and your dog. Voted “Best of Boston” 3 years running, The Urban Hound has set the bar extremely high for The Puritan City’s small business development.

Willson has found a way to create a unique, fun-filled niche market while filling it with unsurpassed provisions and customer service – making this pooch palace one of our Best SMBs in America.

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