First Slice Pie Café is all about good food for good people.

In fact, descriptions like the one above are the reason why First Slice has become a local legend in Chicago’s small business arena.

With four locations ranging from Evanston to Andersonville (IL), this unique café is changing the game with its mission.

Apart from being one heck of a food establishment (which we’ll get into shortly), First Slice provides volunteering opportunities for those wanting to lend a hand in the community. It’s through this program that volunteers are able to cook, serve, and deliver delicious (and healthy) hot meals to Chicago’s homeless.

Feeding yourself at First Slice Pie Café creates a direct correlation to feeding the surrounding communities.

In addition to the philanthropic component, we also love this spot because it’s just plain delicious!

For starters, First Slice Pie Café is revered for having an awesome ambiance.

The vibe can be described as hip, urban, and comfortable – very unique descriptors for an “All-American café”. All four of their café locations have a knack for transporting you right into your family living room, with all the comforting smells and sounds of home.

Voted as one of the “Best Apple Pies in the Country” by Food & Wine Magazine, First Slice Pie Café truly embodies the spirit of Chicago.

They also have a vegan, roasted tomato soup that manages to somehow be both super creamy and indulgent. Served with a grilled cheese crouton garnish, this year-round comfort food is soooo good for the soul.

Another highlight of this large and inclusive menu is Chef and Owner Mary Ellen Diaz’s duck confit sandwich. Rich and buttery, the duck confit is piled high with spinach, mushrooms, grilled onions, and mild mozzarella cheese.

And I couldn’t possibly highlight the menu without paying homage to the café’s namesake, the pies!

These decadent desserts are seriously next level sweet. The chocolate peanut butter pie is their best seller, but with flavors like “Michigan Sour Cherry”, “Chocolate Mint Pie” and “Balsamic Raspberry Pear Pie” you almost have to get a slice of them all.

One of the best parts? – Everything on the menu is $10 or less. Even better than that? A portion of the proceeds from your purchase goes right back into the charity.

With a volunteer sign-up section right on their website, it’s so easy to get involved with the First Slice Family.

Few things in life make me happier than carbs for a cause.

One of our top picks for charitable Chicago small businesses, First Slice Pie Café is all about bringing good food and good people together. Guilt-free grubbing is something I can definitely get behind because I know that whatever I just paid for that plate is going to something greater than myself!

Editor Note: References made to companies in this post are not meant to convey endorsement by Rubicon of those companies in any way.