To celebrate B Corp Month, at Rubicon® we have been showcasing members of the B Corp family in our listicle blog posts to highlight their businesses as a catalyst for real change.

As a new parent to my eight-month-old daughter Sloane, I have incorporated so many of these brands into our routine. Here are four family-focused products that are making things easier, ethical, and eco-friendly for us first-time parents:

Happy Family Organics: New York, New York

Launched on Mothers Day in 2006, the Happy Family Organics products truly live up to their moniker. You should see the smile on Sloane’s face when I pull a bag of “creamies,” a self-feeding organic coconut milk snack packed with fruits and veggies, off of the shelf.

Although the brand started out as Happy Baby, they quickly expanded their line to include toddler treats and bites for big kids. Founded by new moms looking for ingredient transparent, organic, and nutritious baby food, Shazi and Jessica’s vision came to life.

B Corp certified for 10 years, Happy Family products are now stocked in nearly every major grocer, but they have stayed true to their mission and values. Their commitment to sustainability is across the board; from their eco-friendly farming standards to community outreach. The brand is putting their money where their mouth is with their unique packaging promise. A pioneer in sustainable packaging, Happy Family hopes to have 100 percent zero waste packaging by 2025. They are committed to environmental education and are working to close the loop on a circular solution.

Our pantry is packed with fresh produce pouches, sweet potato teething crackers, and apple and broccoli puffs. As a rookie parent, I find it super helpful that the products are labeled by both stages and ages so I know when Sloane is ready to try something new.

The puffs and teethers are so popular in the house, our dog Myra, sits patiently under Sloane and her highchair waiting to catch a piece that has gone overboard. My husband is also a big fan as I’ve caught him palming sweet potato and carrot puffs for a midnight snack.

W.S Badger Company: Gilsum, New Hampshire

W.S Badger Company is a small, family-run body care product company tucked away in the woods of Gilsum, New Hampshire.

Founded by Bill Whyte in 1995 to help fight cold-weather skin conditions, W.S. Badger has become the gold standard for sustainably-sourced products and ethical business practices. Badger’s products are created strictly from ingredients that meet their high sustainability standards.

With a mission focused on healthier people and a healthier planet, W.S. Badger proudly holds Certified B Corp status. Furthering that achievement, W.S. Badger also took home two B Corporation awards in 2019: “Best for the World” and “Best for the Environment.” In line with their company principles, Badger impressively donates 10 percent of pre-tax profits to non-profit organizations that benefit children, serve the community, and promote unity around the globe.

What started as a homeopathic remedy for Whyte’s wife’s cracked hands has now become a cult-favorite product among green parents. Badger has tons of products from sleep aids to olive oil, but in our house, we can’t go anywhere without our diaper bag staples: Badger baby sunscreen and their incredible zinc oxide diaper cream.

Pro tip: The Badger Tangerine and Rosemary Soothing Aromatherapy stick is a lifesaver for those sleepless-night-induced headaches!

Motherlove Herbal Company: Fort Collins, Colorado

Motherlove, a full spectrum skincare company from pregnancy to postpartum that is currently taking the mommy message-boards by storm, came from humble beginnings.

Started at founder Kathryn Higgins’ kitchen table over 30 years ago, Motherlove Herbal Company officially became B Corp certified in 2015. They have a zero waste manufacturing model, solar panel generated facilities, and a carbon offset program. The team at Motherlove take great pride in their support of both mother earth and mother.

They have since expanded from the kitchen table and acquired a 120-acre farm to sustainably source their ingredients for the entirety of the product line. Kathryn handed the reins over to her daughters, who now run the bustling business, growing and scaling products to support every step of the parenting journey.

For this stage of Sloane’s development, we have relied heavily on our Motherlove Every Day Baby Balm. Always within arms reach to protect and soothe her irritated cheeks and chin from teething, this is the holy grail product that keeps her “drool rash” at bay, while also making her chubby chapped cheeks smell like a delicious combination of chamomile and apricot!

MADE OF: Brooklyn, New York

From Brooklyn to our bathtub, we would be lost without our MADE OF products. MADE OF is a line of organic products ranging from dish soap to diapers.

B Corp certified since 2017, the MADE OF team has made transparency their mission. They have created an Ultimate Transparency Promise so that parents can browse all of their testing, documents, and ingredient origin story. Their Brooklyn-based factory runs on 100 percent wind energy and uses resource mitigation to decrease the use of energy, carbon, and greenhouse gases. They work tirelessly to reduce waste and not sacrifice quality.

All of their products are plant-based, organic, gluten-free, and safe for baby’s sensitive skin. Although you wouldn’t necessarily think about the impact of a non-food item being certified gluten-free, it is a big deal in our house. In 2019, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and although Sloane is free to enjoy all of the gluten she can, I can get sick if I come into contact with contaminants. Since bathtime is our special bonding time, we switched to MADE OF Bath Products to reduce the risk of contamination on my hands and skin. It has made all of the difference to have that peace of mind.

Using our purchasing power for good as first-time parents, we are confident in the healthy decisions we are making for our child, even though we are running on very little sleep!

Find out more about what it means to Rubicon to be a Certified B Corp, or to learn more about Rubicon’s work transforming the entire category of waste and recycling, be sure to download our inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report.

Editor’s Note: References made to businesses/companies in this post are not meant to convey affiliation with or endorsement of Rubicon by those companies in any way.

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