Today, Rubicon® announced the release of its annual Corporate Citizenship Report. We encourage you to read the report to discover how the company is using its suite of cutting-edge technology solutions to solve some of the world’s greatest waste challenges.

Over the last eighteen months, we have learned much about the fragility of life and discovered the resiliency of America.

In dealing with the pandemic and the devastation it has caused, I am so proud of Rubicon, our people, and our mission. At Rubicon, we are building something special. We can and will end waste. This past year and a half has made it clear that nothing, not even a pandemic, can stop us.

We never stopped innovating. We rolled out new products and services. We built our network and our scale. We changed minds. We educated the next generation. We helped drive new outcomes.

That is what it will take—progress, innovation, and intense focus on the next challenge. We have to be on task every day of every month of every year—even when other urgent issues demand our attention. After all, this is the right time to solve the critical problem of waste.

Rubicon switched almost immediately to remote operations and became a remote-first enterprise. We built the tools we needed to manage our business, and we produced incredible value for our customers. We made it possible for our partners—small haulers who rarely have long-term, stable contracts—to be economically resilient during the pandemic on the strength of the major national contracts we provided them. We helped government leaders build efficiency into their waste removal infrastructure. We closed the gap of services—especially waste removal and recycling services—within various socioeconomic sectors of our economy. We delivered proven, relevant, job-creating solutions to the public and private sectors. And we drove this innovation from our homes across the country, with a network of employees, haulers, and essential customers.

Our future depends on maintaining this focus and momentum. Environmental issues are currently at the forefront of priorities in the United States and around the world, but they have been the cornerstone of Rubicon’s DNA since its founding. We believe that expanding the parameters of corporate citizenship is essential to our innovative character, which includes national security for America, economic empowerment for the American worker, and responsibility to the American taxpayer. At Rubicon, we believe that every company and organization has a responsibility to manage their waste impact—and we know they agree. We are helping knowledge-sector companies better manage their electronic and digital waste. We are helping food and consumer goods companies find second lives for their organics. We are reducing the health and economic impacts of waste in neighborhoods and communities of underrepresented groups often hit hardest by environmental degradation.

Rubicon is taking an active role in stimulating an essential discussion about the national security risks attached to waste, whether it is the issue of e-waste and data security, or the impact of waste on scarce fresh water supplies.

We are returning to the birthplace of our company with our new headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. This decision was driven by our firm faith in America’s ability to renew itself, and Rubicon will be a part of a new story of prosperity that will be driven outside the coastal boundaries. We see significant opportunity in the interior of this nation, not only in the biggest cities, but also here in one of the most storied and historic regions of the country—we look forward to making Lexington our home for many years to come.

Everywhere, people are waking up to new and more responsible choices when it comes to waste. The old “burn or bury” model—as old as the ruins of Rome—is no longer the only choice. We can reduce waste and create a circular economy today. Rubicon is demonstrating that market forces are driving these outcomes and processes.

All of these concepts have limitless opportunities. We at Rubicon are so excited to be shaping them every day—and we have never felt more certain in our vision and mission. Please join us on this journey.

Nate Morris is Founder and CEO of Rubicon. To stay ahead of Rubicon’s announcements of new partnerships and collaborations around the world, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or contact us today.