Over 40 years ago, Dr. Jan Hines opened Alpharetta Animal Hospital to save the lives of beloved pets, not to haggle with waste management companies.

“We were charged two weeks in a row for an overfull dumpster, with no warning,” says Natasha Rigsby, practice manager for the veterinary hospital.

The hospital was under contract with one of the nation’s largest waste management companies and was constantly dealing with hidden fees and lackluster customer service.

With 45 staff members and more than 3,500 dogs and cats visiting Alpharetta Animal Hospital each month, the last thing the hospital staff had time to worry about was their waste provider. That’s where Rubicon came in to help.

“We didn’t just want another waste management company, so Rubicon needed to be worth our while,” says Rigsby. “I was blown away when I learned about Rubicon’s business model – they’re really a disruptor in the field. And more importantly, there are no hidden charges or fees with Rubicon.”

Rubicon managed the transition from old provider to new for the animal hospital, and coordinated the removal and delivery of new waste and recycling bins. The hospital is now paying $4,000 less annually for its waste and recycling, which includes a plastics recycling program Rubicon established for them.

“Our staff is very eco-conscious,” Rigsby says. “Being able to recycle our plastics instead of throwing them away is really important to us.”

And it doesn’t stop there. Rubicon and Alpharetta Animal Hospital are exploring new ways to help the hospital increase their landfill diversion, such as developing a recycling program for worn-out towels.

“Rubicon doesn’t just close the deal and walk away,” Rigsby says. “We never thought about a waste provider being a business partner, but now we can’t imagine it any other way.”